Which Catalytic Cleaner to Utilize – Make The Right Choice

Suppose you’ve recently failed the emissions test, or you’ve check the engine code, which involves catalytic converter of the car, it is good to use best cleaners for catalytic converters. Suppose you have never heard about “cat cleaner” till you discovered you’ve the problem in your car, it is the chemical concoction designed specifically to clean the vehicle’s catalytic converter just by mixing it with the gasoline and used in the fuel system until tank is clear.

What Does the Catalytic Converter Do?

Many people do not think about the catalytic converter until their check car engine light is seen. Problem lies somewhere in a fuel system, but at times it is because of the converter that is not functioning on par for certain reason.

How does it function?

The catalytic converter is one type of filter for an exhaust made from combustion chambers in the engine, only it does not filter out anything. It uses the chemical reactions for altering chemical composition of an exhaust and making it simple on our environment. Carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides  and unburned hydrocarbons in exhaust pass through the precious metals that are coated substrate where special kind of metal (or catalyst) causes the reaction. This converts harmful chemicals in water vapor & carbon dioxide without any moving components.

best cleaners for catalytic converters

How to Use Converter Cleaner

Using the converter cleaner is simple, and certainly it beats on paying to substitute the part completely. So, all you have to do is just pour it in your gas tank and when you’ve around 4 gallons of the gas left (amounts might fluctuate depending on brand). Solution may blend well with remaining fuel in the tank. Drive for 10 miles and until your tank is fully empty. When your tank hits on ‘E’, then refill and drive like normal. You must see the reduction in the detectable emissions and smoother running car engine.

Alternatives for Catalytic Converter Solution

Best method ay to clean the cat converter and other part is removing this first and cleaning this by hand with water and soap or other type of cleaner that can be very safe for the fuel system. Removing this is a toughest part, as you will need to deal with the old and oxidized exhaust fasteners that will be challenging. You might have heard rumors on internet that the lacquer thinner issued in a same way as auto brand option. But, you can find support for this method as majority of the sources say it is highly ineffective. There’re reports of the successful attempts using 1 to 10 ratio of the lacquer thinner to the gasoline in tank, but there’re reports of mixture not having any results, or causing the engine light to get on.