4 Benefits of Changing Your Water Supplier

Water is one highly-coveted resource. And with all its purposes, one must not skimp on the quality of water. If you are not satisfied with your current provider anymore, then start thinking of ways to switch your water supplier.

Since the first day of April 2017, business in England could choose their own water retailer. Instead of having the local water company supply you with your water needs, the deregulation of the market leads the way for retail water suppliers. With the now broadened choices, competition is raised between the suppliers, and the only service is not the best service anymore.

But why should you switch your water supplier?

Cost Benefits

Reduction of water bills may be considered as the first and foremost reason for changing it up. There are a variety of concessionaires, and it is up to you to choose whoever. One may have a lower minimum charge, perfect for those who don’t use much water. Another company may have lower tariffs and per cubic meter rates.

Conduct a proper cost-benefit survey to ascertain the perfect service provider for your consumption.

Switch your water supplier

Better Service

Are there frequent water outages? Is the water pressure consistently weak? Are water color and quality sub-par, clearly not worth the bills you are paying? Changing your water provider might be your solution.

Better water service may not be the only benefit switching your supplier might bring. With another concessionaire is another management, another set of rules and policies, a different set of systems and people. Changing your water suppliers may bring you better management, one who responds to your queries on time, provides timely bill assessments and puts the welfare of their customers first.


You have numerous sites across England, spread along with different places with different local water districts. Naturally, their bills are also scattered, so paying them turns out to be quite a hassle.

Changing your water service provider to only one company would do wonders for consolidation. Pay for all of the bills of all your sites with the one concessionaire. Ask your questions and get responses from only one supplier. Only one company will treat your wastewater. There are numerous perks to a consolidated water provider.

Specialized Needs

Adapting to your water needs is greatly enhanced when you choose your own water service provider. If you plan to use water for irrigation purposes, then utility grade water, which is generally untreated but is still fit for watering plants, can be used. If you run a restaurant, which depends on clean, safe water, then you would need either the working-grade or drinking-grade water, which can be more expensive.

You have the ability to find a supplier fit for your operational needs. Use it.


Switch your water supplier now and reap its full breadth of benefits. For the promise of better service and lower costs making the switch seems to be the right choice. Identify your preferred water company and make the arrangements to increase your future water efficiency.