Things to consider when buying a projector

The projectors have become part of every home and office. One of the reasons for this is the different price ranges due which it has become affordable. People can see movies in the big screens without going out of their houses. In large office meetings the projector Singapore helps to show the slides on the big screen which are visible to everyone in the auditorium. One thing is for sure that you can get best experience only if you select the right projector for your office or home. Let us see some of the things which you need to look at while buying a projector.

  • Reliability: To get the information about the reliability of the projector you should read all the reviews of the customers so that you can get to know about their experience with that projector. You should also check how much it is going to cost you if has to be repaired.
  • Budget: There is no need to spend more prices on buying the projector as you can find many projectors at fewer prices. The only thing you need to check is if it fulfills your requirement.
  • Connectivity: When you want to buy a projector for watching movies or playing games, then it should have HDMI port. And if you are buying for office purpose it should have USB port and support wifi.
  • Sound: Sound might not be that important criteria for a business but when it comes to home usage sounds plays an important role. According to your use, check the sound clarity.

  • Picture quality: Usually the picture quality depends upon the background on which you are projecting the picture. It is suggested that one should use either the roll out screen or tripod for better picture quality.
  • Brightness: For office purpose thousand lumens is enough but to watch movie it should be more than five thousand lumens.
  • Lens shift and zoom range: These two features are used to adjust the size and the positions of the projection.
  • Portability: If you have to carry your projector while you are travelling then it is better to buy the one which is small in size.
  • Technology: There are two types of projectors one is the liquid crystal display and the other one is digital light processing. Among these two the most reliable is the LCD projector only drawback is that they are a bit heavy.
  • Indoor versus outdoor: If the projector are going to be used outdoor than it has to be good in all the qualities. It should have more brightness and high resolution. When it comes to the indoor projector it should also be good but make sure that it does not make much noise. 


The list does not end here, but the above points will help to choose the good one.