Tips and tricks to keep the house tidy and clean

Even in urban life, houses cannot be kept so clean with no stains, no dust anywhere throughout the home. If there is no helper at home, it may not be possible to put everything in order at the end of the day. There are several small ways to keep your home clean. Everyone can’t keep the house clean by following the rules every day. However, it is possible to solve this problem immediately if you know cleaning service singapore.

After a long day of work, you will return home to breathe a sigh of relief. What if that is unclean? Everyone wants a clean house for a healthy and normal life. So if we want to keep everything tidy, we need to make some changes in our daily routine or hire a person who does all these tasks perfectly.

 Simple tips to keep the house clean

 * For cleaning all types of glass including doors-windows or showcases, a piece of sponge or foam soaked in water will be required. You can mix a small amount of vinegar or ammonia with water. Now soak the old newspaper in a mixture of vinegar and water and wipe it well – the shiny feeling of the glass will come back. However, if you clean it with a cotton cloth, the opposite can happen. The fine yarn of the cloth is spread on the glass. Use white vinegar to brighten the window glass. Two tablespoons of vinegar per gallon of water are enough. Spray with a spray bottle and wipe with a paper or fine cotton cloth.

 * Water mixed with detergent is sufficient for washing stainless steel and plastic furniture.

 * Water should never be used to clean furniture made of wood, bamboo, cane, cardboard. In that case, a dry cloth or mop is enough to remove dust. Mop means a broom with a bunch of fine threads on the handle. If necessary, you can put a separate mop in each room – under the bed, behind the door or on the balcony.

 * There is a furniture duster for cleaning furniture like sofa, bed, chair etc. If waterfalls on the wood, you can use a hairdryer to dry it.

 * Use a floor mop or floor brush to clean mosaic or tile stone floors. In that case, use a special type of soap for floor cleaning, but never use detergent powder.

 * Carpet cleaning is a very difficult subject. Sprinkle a little bicarbonate soda on it and leave it for 15 minutes. Then sweep with an evaporator tool or broom. You can also use a special dry shampoo.

 * Cut and rub potatoes to remove scratches on any furniture, quite effective.

 * The condition of the walls of the house in the child’s drawing? Remove as many stains on the walls with a wet sponge or cloth with baking soda.

These are few tips to keep your house clean and tidy. These are tips to be followed not only by you but also by the person you hire for doing these works.