Top 4 tips to market your online course

Marketing of online courses is one of the toughest challenges that course creators have to face. Even after putting the best of your efforts. You will not be able to make money if your marketing strategy is not well planned. In simple words, your course will not sell, if the marketing is not done right. So, before even creating the course. You will have to check whether you are planning to create a course on is in demand or not? Will people buy it? And how your course will be different from your competitors.

So, to find the result of the above questions you will have to create a buyer persona. You will have to find out who your potential learners are. In short, you will have to do a thorough market research. It will make it easy for you to plan your marketing strategy.

Top 4 tips to market your online course

1- Mark your online presence

Don’t forget to create dedicated accounts of your online academy on various social media platforms. Social media is a great way of interacting with your audience. Share engaging and valuable content consistently on various platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Research on the type of content that works on these platforms. Encourage people to comment on your posts and stories. Also go live whenever possible. It will help in building strong relationships with your audience. Apart from this, it will also help you in building your own personal brand. Try to conduct webinars frequently. Don’t forget to share the joining link of your webinar on your social media platforms.

2- Build a strong email list

Having a strong email list would work just like having a strong backbone. Email allows you to land in a user’s inbox directly. It allows you to reach your potential learner directly.  Also, it is a very personal way of interacting with your audience. It has a different kind of impact in the minds of your potential learners. It will help you in nurturing your existing leads. Along with that it is the best way of converting cold leads into warm leads. It will also help in building long lasting relations with your learners. Having a strong email list will help you in selling your course even before creating it. You can go for Spayee. It allows third party integration. So, you can integrate your MailChimp account and can send personalized mails to your email list.

 In many businesses email lists have shown a 10 times conversion rate as compared to social media campaigns.

3- Create a converting Sales Page

Having a converting sales page is a must. It gives you the opportunity to explain how your products and services are different from others. Your sales page should give a very convincing offer. It should provide value to your potential learners. So that they can not say ‘NO’ to your offer.  You can use a course creation platform like Spayee because they provide an in-built sales page for your website and they also allow you to customize it according to your wish if you want. And the best thing is it is a reliable, secured and scalable knowledge commerce platform.

4- Invest in Ads

Spending money on Ads is an investment. Paid ads have the power to reach millions of potential learners within a few days. It is the best way of promoting your online academy. You can run paid ads on Facebook and Google. So, promote your online course through these mediums. Even a $10 facebook post boost can go a long way. So, it is not a problem if you don’t have a huge budget. You can even spend a few dollars during the initial days.