Difference Between Shared and Managed WordPress Hosting in 2020

Shared WordPress hosting or managed WordPress hosting, many website proprietors as you struggle to select the proper WordPress hosting. Perhaps, it is additionally a complicated subject that how these two types of net web hosting differ from each other. With infinite web hosting companies with unique hosting packages, picking the right accommodation tends to be more intimidating. Therefore, you should better understand the key differences to select the right one for your website or blog.

The difference between Shared and managed WordPress hosting is like day and night. Managed Hosting is a long way most effective on all fronts- from speed to safety. With managed hosting, the complete website is managed for you, so you do not have to fear about safety issues, tricky plugins, backups or upgrades. Everything is finished for you, allowing you to focus on content and building your brand.

Introduction to Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress hosting is the result of the recognition of WordPress. Most internet web hosting company now has specialized in WordPress internet hosting with some management. It is a kind of hosting where the web hosting provider manages all the technical aspects of your entire website. Forget fretting about server configuration and technical improvement; focus on the improvement of your website instead.

Managed WordPress web hosting comes with additional performance such as higher security, CDN, external backup daily, staging, built-in caching, and more. The host will replace your site, your data, operate security checks at regular intervals, and provide your internet site a blazing quickly pace and most reliable performance. You can additionally use the high-tier managed WordPress hosting and reselling WordPress web hosting for your clients.

Introduction to Shared WordPress Hosting

Shared web hosting is genuinely a web hosting format where website shares space and assets of a server with different sites. Thus, hundreds of websites are parked together on shared hosting. You can host an internet website constructed with a page builder or CMS such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. It is a platform where many websites share resources with each different in a single server. They share the bandwidth, disk space, and processing power of the server.

By its nature, shared web hosting is cheap. So, this variety of hosting is perfect for new websites or small, or with a tight budget. Usually, shared hosting expenses around $ three to $ 5 per month. Shared internet hosting is an affordable web hosting services. But, be aware this type of hosting comes with some responsibility. Sign up for shared web hosting and you have to set up and configure your personal site.


Some of us might also locate this excellent DIY task. But, you do not have to worry about it as long as you host on a reliable web hosting company. Your internet site web hosting company’s guide group will invest their time in helping you set up WordPress and deal with the troubles that you encounter during the process.

Pros and Cons of Shared WordPress hosting:


  • cPanel- Most of the agencies offer cPanel which makes it handy to control your website, email, domain, and more.
  • Cost- One of the biggest benefits of the use of a Shared WordPress web hosting provider is cheaper and can be bought for as low as $ 2.75 per month.
  • Email accounts- You get professional e-mail service for free. This capability you can set up a business e mail as name@xyzbusiness.com besides spending a penny more.


  • Downtime- You may additionally face usual downtimes with some shared web hosting companies.
  • Not suitable for high visitors sites- Shared WordPress web hosting is most suitable for private sites, small businesses, startups, or everybody that doesn’t receive lots of traffic.
  • Slow response time- Your internet site may load slowly due to slow server response time when compared to a managed WordPress hosting.

Pros and Cons of Managed WordPress hosting:


  • Daily Backup- your website files are usually secure as the hosts managed backup and database websites daily. They also enable you to restoration your website if you wish.
  • Fast and Secure- Managed WordPress hosting offer the latest technology which ensures your web site to load quickly. They additionally take care of the safety of your WordPress website that is protected from hackers and malware.
  • Core Update- They take care of the core WordPress updates and thus, assist you in impervious your site. Some corporations even go the extra mile with automatic updating of themes and plugins.
  • Support- Managed WordPress internet hosting gives premium aid to its customers. Their group of workers is knowledgeable about WordPress and you can easily reach them in case of any problem.


  • Expensive- One of the biggest risks of using Managed WordPress web hosting services is they are very high-priced when compared to shared hosting.
  • Restriction on certain Plugin- This Managed WordPress web hosting centered on making your WordPress website online optimized for speed. In different words, this web hosting does not enable you to use certain plugins that can sluggish down your site.

Only a WordPress Site access- While shared internet hosting approves you to host a web site that you prefer to include simple HTML pages, managed to host companies solely allow you to host a WordPress website on their servers.