Everything about SoundCloud Paid Promotion and Reposts

Have you ever wondered how much a repost is worth? The repost feature has changed SoundCloud for the better. By getting the users to repost the songs, it is published to the feed of all the poster’s followers. Technically, if a very influential account posts the track, it can lead to notable in exposure. You have seen a lot of SoundCloud advertisement: $50 worth of repost, will translate to 150K followers.”

It is an offer for singers or bands that don’t have a broad audience reach. If you have secured a deal to have a big SoundCloud channel to repost your track, either by trading or by paid promotion, you might notice that the resulting plays do not match with the user expectations. You would expect an account with ten times more followers than you, to have ten times more influence to people with just one post. However, reality paints a different picture.

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The bubble

This platform has been a thriving platform that offers support to artist, music record labels, promotional channels, networks, as well as artist collectives. You can find this in the SoundCloud marketing and repost trading guide. For a starting or a thriving music artist, the SoundCloud scene and repost trading world can be tough to penetrate.

Established channels prefer working with equally established channels. At the same time, paid promotion offering is starting to gain traction, making it easy for musicians resorting to paying the fee for them to enjoy the feature. It is a trend we are now seeing with music record labels too.

As the importance of the platform starting to expand and grow beyond electronic music, record labels, whether a startup or an established one, are catching up on the importance of having their account play to the point. Their marketing effort should also be directed to the SoundCloud account, including some paid campaigns and trading.

While research is initially intended to solve the issue with the paid repost marketing, the findings from the studies can be applied to the trade in general. The study shows that the value of the posts has been diluted over time. It turns out that users are not the best indicators of how many plays the user can expect to get from every post.

The value of post is linked to the behavior and nature of the SoundCloud’s reposting channel. How many songs they uploaded, reposted, and what kind of target audience the channel is trying to reach are all factors that can impact the channel. The SoundCloud trading environment is like the old Wild West; the findings can help users, choose your partner as well as estimate the value of the paid promo offers much better. 

The secret behind the strong reposts

Why do record labels as well as music artists have much higher engagement ratios? Record labels, as well as music artists, tend to create a lot more when it comes to uploading and reposts, leaning more on quality over quantity, allowing the artists or the record company develop their fan base. The promotional channel does the opposite.

It prioritizes the number of downloaded songs over the quality to gain a lot of followers or fans and scaling their network. SoundCloud’s trend, especially with the promotional channels, is to pair every consistent repost with a like-to-download gate inclusion, to maximize the follower expansion.

A channel can incorporate other channels in the download gate of the track, which will give them incentives to repost the uploaded songs continually. Other channels can do the same and receive a stable flow of upload as well. As a result of this, the growth of followers can lead to a lot of exposure.

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It can also create an overlap of followers that is a common occurrence with SoundCloud networks that will grow through endless reposts as well as initial gate-inclusion. From a fan’s point of view, the shortage of engagement makes a lot of sense. If different channels post the same content every day, there is a big chance that people will not click it.

Eventually, the material will end up getting ignored by the users, or worse; the users will unfollow the channel. That is not to say that the channel has poor engagement rate. The outliers repost less frequently, and they will upload more, acting as a music record label.