Your favorite movie genre has something to do with your personality. Find out here

Of all the forms of entertainment, watching a movie is very much part of everybody’s life. No question about it, you can watch movies in either cinemas or at the very comfort of your home. When it comes to our consumption to movies, it has increased based on ease of access through online streaming sites.

While it is very clear that we consume a lot of media content on a regular basis, what is not much of evidence is the characteristics of people based on their preferences towards a movie genre. A lot of research has already been done about this topic which is mainly focused on the personality, the characteristics, and the gender of the viewer which is closely related to their favorite movie genre.

In a study about gender and personality on the film preferences, the researchers are focused on delving into the deeper effects of gender and personality traits which closely relates to movie preferences. To know more about this, read the rest of this post courtesy of

  •  Comedy– For people who love the comedy genre, they are the ones who are more open as well as being more creative and adventurous, but slightly less conscientious because of their lesser way to focus on details and often they are disorganized. For females who love comedy genre, are likely more open than the males. According to studies in 2005, people who love comedy movies have a pure personality which always contains humor and their plotlines are usually not that predictable.
  • Horror– Individuals who like horror movies are those who you cannot agree with always, and they are less altruistic at the same time, less extrovert and tenser in almost all situations. People who are less you can have agreed on can be explained that the people who do not like horror films are the ones that you can agree on easily and these type of people are the ones who prefer to watch movies filled with kindness and warmth unlike the brutal and horrifying nature of horror films.
  • Action– For those who have the adrenaline-pumping scenes of action movies, they are the ones who are hardworking or those who are more conscientious, but they are also less emotionally stable. They are creative and adventurous and loves to mingle with people. For females who love action movies, they are likely more open than males which the same traits as the people who love comedy movies.
  • Romance– Also, the people who love romantic movies are also more conscientious and also more neurotic or emotionally unstable. Males who love to watch romantic movies are often more open than females.
  • Fantasy– Fantasy films fans are known to be more open than the other genres using their creative and adventurous side and they are also less extrovert. These type of people who loves fantasy movies are often outgoing and more open to themselves which says a lot to what genre they like.