Zomacton, Its Unknown Side

Growth hormone is a prescription drug that is given to children and adults who have growth disorders and hormone deficiency. It is also called SOMATROPIN which promotes growth and cell regeneration.  When used on a legal note, HGH has a lot of uses in improving vitality. Though it increases strength and stamina, according to the package insert there might be serious side effects if used in high doses. So, professional medical practitioners always advise to use it under the supervision of a health expert.  As for bodybuilding, it has been used since the 80’s for performance enhancement.

Zomacton HGH is nothing but Somatropin produced using different genetic material and DNA technologies. Normally Zomacton is given to children who are in short supply of growth hormone secretions. The average dose given to children is 5 mg or 10mg. The natural growth hormone produced by the body is called SOMATOTROPIN and is replaced with SOMATROPIN, synthetic growth hormone which has the same property as 191 amino acid remnants. This is called Recombinant technology which means combining multiple threads of DNA.  There are many benefits with Zomacton the most important of which is improving good growth of growth tissue. According to the package insert, it is used for good metabolism rate including that of minerals, proteins, and carbohydrates among kids.

The excellent results shown by it has made bodybuilding industry also turn towards to it for performance enhancement. But unless it is medically prescribed it is meant for bodybuilding. Typically its work is only to make pituitary gland produce maximum HGH into the blood.


  • It helps in more production of a protein which is highly essential for muscle growth.
  • With the help of this, the body can better use fat levels.
  • It increases strength and vigor and aids in improved overall performance.
  • It results in quick achievement of lean muscle mass and fabulous body.
  • Also helps in speedy recovery from wounds and accidents.

Dosage for use:

  • In children, it is used 0.1 mg per kg thrice a week.
  • This is an injectable drug which should amount to a quantity of 0.3 mg per week. This can also be given as 0.3 mg at a time.
  • There is no legal approval for adults for its usage and hence no official recommendations are provided.
  • Adults can take as minimum as 0.01 mg per kg in case of hormone deficiency.

For bodybuilders:

  • Bodybuilders should limit use to a very minimum dose like below 1 IU as overdosage can lead to severe side effects. Also, it might lead to more risk if it is taken with other anabolic and androgenic steroids in various cutting and bulking cycles.
  • It is advised to research the potential benefits and side effects of each drug individually and in combination with HGH.

Side effects:

  • Side effects may include Breast enlargement in men
  • A migraine and headaches
  • Hypertension
  • Type 2 Diabetes

Zomacton is used more in children suffering from hormone deficiency and usage of the same by adults might lead to adverse effects. So a good knowledge of the mode of usage, its positive and negative impacts on the body will yield fruitful benefits.