Is President Trump’s Monogrammed Shirt Sleeve a Stylish Choice?

A recent photograph of the President, taken during a gun violence listening session, made the news due to handwritten notes reminding Trump of the important questions and statements that he should voice during the meeting. However, it wasn’t just the cue cards that had people talking. The photo also showed the number 45 monogrammed on to his shirt cuff and had many asking if it was a wise style choice.


For those wondering what the significance of the number 45 has to the POTUS, it represents his place within the list of US presidents. The number clearly means a lot to him. After all, why would he go to the trouble to have his shirt monogrammed in the first place? However, this choice hasn’t gone down too well in the fashion world, with many seeing it as narcissistic.

For or Against?

Monogramming has been used for several years to turn plain items into something more personal. Many gifts are often adorned with the initials or the recipient and done right it can be welcomed. But it is the placement of the President’s monogram that has set tongues wagging. Justin L Jeffers from The Fine Young Gentlemen blog criticised the placement by saying that edge of the shirt cuff is one of the places that should not be monogrammed. Even though some thought has gone into matching the embroidery colour with the shirt, the placement is just too obvious.

Of course, there are those who are more than happy to include a monogram almost anywhere on their shirt. Men’s designer shirts, such as those found at, can easily be monogrammed, with the most popular monogram placement found on or around the breast pocket. It’s something that has been done for years and can be seen as fashionable, especially when done with discretion.

Where Not to Monogram

The President’s monogram has others wondering what other possessions have been personalised this way. Could he have even gone as far as Ponzi scheme operator Bernie Madoff and monogrammed his underwear? The key factor rests upon the cuff placement, which was seen as too brash. Maybe next time he will stick to a more subtle area before showing off his unique personalisation.

Wherever he has chosen to add his favourite number, you can bet that the world will be watching.