In 2017 USDA home loan has some more requirements. It is really necessary to know about for this loan to a refresher on USDA home loans. USDA loan is mortgage type loan. This loan is just similar to the FHA loans and VA loan which is approved by the U.S. government. This loan is also known as Section 502 loan. This USDA loan is not available in the big cities and metropolitan cities. The loan is strictly available in rural areas of the country.

Eligibility and Guidelines:

The USDA home loan depends on the household size, location of the home, income and credit scores. Two different income requirements are available for the USDA home loan. One requirement is for 1-4 members and another requirement is for 5-8 members lived in a home. For 1-4 members, this loan is available for them if their gross income does not exceed $75,650 and for 5-8 members, the total amount does not exceed $99,850 to $202,500. To get a USDA loan, people can live in rural areas. People can check that they are eligible or not forgetting this loan by typing the address in USDA website.

USDA Loan Requirements:

USDA loan’s guidelines are the just mirror of the FHA loans and VA loans. The guidelines are:

  • Income Requirements:In 2017, USDA says that the people are eligible who have an income of 115% of median income in the USDA area.
  • Credit Requirements:When people want to get this loan, they can go and meet with the lenders. These lenders require a minimum 620 FICO for approving this loan. Though USDA has a guideline of 580 FICO. But to minimizethe risk lenders can approve your home application if you have 620+ FICO.
  • DEBT to Income Ratio: Though FHA loans are approved if the DTI ratio of the people will be 56.9%, but for this USDA loan, the DTI (Debt to Income) ratio must be 29% as a fronted ratio and 41% as back-end So, this loan is applicable who has a sufficient monthly income.


If the people stay in the area which is approved as a ruralarea by USDA, then this loan is suitable for you and your family. If we compare this loan with FHA and VA loan, we can see that it is a great competitor to them. If people can take the help of experienced lenders, then you can send a mail in this address contact@loanconsultants.org.