Basics considerations of selecting fitness rowing machine

Fitness rowing is one of the most useful gym equipment used during aerobic exercises in both the lower and upper body. Since rowing machine comes at a higher cost, you have to ensure the best quality before choosing any.

Doubtlessly, the cheapest rowing machine is approximately $500, and the highest is $2500. So, before you select any, at least know the exact features you prefer for your rowing machine. Therefore, think about the following features before you buy a rowing machine:

Easy to store rowing machine

Rowing machines don’t require vast storage space since most of them are just assembled and placed away. However, you can still need quite a large area for ventilation purposes. Most people prefer a room with a TV because sometimes training can be quite dull, particularly when the exercise is extended.

Variable rowing Machines Resistances

Most rowing machines come with an adjustable feature. Therefore, you should check whether some range of machines comes with the adjustable feature or rather limited. A machine with wide varieties is more functional since you change their intensity easily by adjusting the resistance.

rowing machine

More things to consider before purchase

Additionally, you should also ensure that the seat and footplates are entirely adjustable and fall into the machine’s weight limit. That’s why it’s advisable before you choose any rowing machine, pick any and try it out since they typically differ in their motion and how they are easier to use. The best way to do it is to try some at the gym and see if you can find the one that suits you. Here are varieties of fitness rowing machines you can choose from.

The hydraulic fitness Rowing machine

The hydraulic rowing machine is one of the cheapest designs with a smaller feature, making it easier to store. However, its movement can be quite bouncy, and some tend to leak after a couple of years. That’s why it is recommended for the intense workout of regular use.

Air- resistance rowing machine

Air-resistance machines allow free airflow to offer resistance. Even though you can get an air rowing machine at approximately $200, it’s advised to spend a little more to at least get a quality machine that ranges roughly $400. A rule resistance can cover a wide range that replicates a rowing sensation in water, and the resistance can increase much faster. Also, they don’t have drawbacks like being noisy, especially when at top speed.

Water-Resistance Rowing Machine

 These rowing machines with water stored in the cylinder offer resistance, and they are one of the most costly machines with rates ranging from $900. They offer a smooth movement comparable to a rowing feeling of water, and you can hear the sound of water passing as you are rowing. However, a water-resistance rowing machine requires maintenance regularly.