All You Need to Know About Bass & Flinders Distillery

If you are in the hunt for Australian distillery, then you will be pleased to know that Bass & Flinders Distillery. Introduced in 2009 being an artisanal distillery producing very small set grape based spirits. Utilizing a conventional alembic pot still and a zealous for adventure, they set out to create a wide variety of handcrafted spirits, which include brandies, liqueurs and gins.

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The first of its class in Australia, Ochre is a ripened spirit, which is double distilled in an Alembic still on the “Mornington Peninsula” from Chardonnay grapes. White utilizing the french method to distill this fine spirit, they have been able to establish certain techniques in the procedure to make sure this spirit is exclusive and beyond expectations. Bass & Flinders Distillery approach to every stage in the procedure has been carefully handcrafted and managed by only two distillers. And the final result is an innovative, rare and exceptionally Australian spirit.

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Bass & Flinders Distillery is a locally-owned, small-scale Mornington Peninsula distillery situated in Doorman. They distill top-notch and bespoke spirits taking flavors from Cape Schanck to Red Hill. All of their products incorporate the true holiday personality of the Mornington Peninsula.

The more interesting thing is that they offer Gin MasterClasses in Australia where you can get a chance to make your own bespoke gin. During their MasterClasses, you will involve in the marvelous world of gin and learn the fascinating and long history of gin. If you are interested in MasterClasses, then you can book online via their official site.

To learn more about the products from Bass & Flinders Distillery, check out their official page.

In short, Bass & Flinders Distillery was one of the oldest established Australian distilleries. In fact, they are the first ones on the Mornington Peninsula. They always strive to utilize local produce whenever and wherever possible.

They are known to be one of the distilleries making their own base spirit. Believe it or not…the way they work or put their dedication to distilling is very rarely seen in the field. They strive to offer first-hand experience from bottle to vine.

Moreover, they offer an exclusive testing experience for their wide range of products. As mentioned before, they situated at Dromana. They are always looking forward to new people to taste their work and have an exceptional experience.

What if you can’t go there to try this finest Australian distillery? No worries!! Bass & Flinders Distillery has good news for you and it is that you can order online from the comfort of your home. So, whenever you are ready to explore leading Australian distiller, get online to order anytime and anywhere.