Taste Asian Cuisine with a Twist at Sun Wah Restaurant

Taste Asian Cuisine with a twist only at Sun Wah Restaurant. It’s the perfect place to order your favourite traditional Asian food mixed with a western kick. For many years since the 1960s, Sun Wah has been serving the best kinds of Asian food, with guests coming over while bringing their own pots & pans in hopes of tasting that delicious and healthy chop-sui. Now, they are still offering the same quality of yummy Cantonese cuisine, but with a little something to make it all different but familiar at the same time.

Experience Asian Cuisine and Western Food at the same time, only at Sun Wah Restaurant. It’s fusion at its finest, thanks to the professional Restaurateurs who make sure to provide the best services to everybody that wants to take a bite of the most delicious Asian food in Australia.

Fresh & Healthy Ingredients for a High-Quality Dish

Every dish by Sun Wah is created with love, care, and of course, the best ingredients. It is important to use the freshest herbs, spices, and ingredients in Asia to make the dish taste better and healthier. And that’s exactly what Sun Wah is going for. Their menu is curated to ensure that seasonal produce and ingredients are available. They support local farmers, ensuring that all of the elements used are high-quality and safe—the more local, the more chances of using fresh and healthier ingredients in every dish.

asian takeaway in Melbourne

You will taste dishes with ingredients from local farms at Hopkins River Farm, Oceania Seafood, and Otway Farms, to list a few. You can be sure that all products are safe to eat with less travel time to ensure each product’s freshness.

The Best Asian Takeaway in Melbourne

Sun Wah offers a reliable asian takeaway in Melbourne for those that want to eat at the comfort of their home. Their menu is full of delicious food that you will love to eat, so it’s time for you to bring it home and relax the way you want to. The best thing about Sun Wah Asian takeaway is you get to enjoy the best Asian Cuisine that is guaranteed fresh and healthy while you are dining anywhere you want. The dish’s freshness stays the same, and you will enjoy the taste of the food more thoroughly.

You can select from the various set menus. One example is the FEEDME SET MENU, which consists of four courses chosen by the chef for you. That’s two starters, one main dish, and one side. This Asian fusion food will keep your tummy happy and healthy, and it’s the perfect way to cure your munchies.

You can also eat out with their Picnic Hamper Boxes, where you and a friend can dine outdoors, with restrictions and safe social distancing while enjoying your meals with their hamper boxes. These boxes can feed two people, so make sure to buy more if you have a safe gathering by the beach or the park.