What is Corporate Catering All About

Corporate catering is a kind of service to which food is catered for businesses and other organization during events. Whenever there is a need for caterers, the service will be hired to prepare meals for a good number of people for the said event.

There’s a vast number of corporate catering service out there and they range on the kinds of service that they offer.

Let’s take a look at some of them:

National catering service

The corporate catering services come in different kinds of size either does business locally or nationally. A national caterer can offer vast provision for the said event such as venues, catering themes, and the size of teams needed. The thing about a national catering service is that they have budget-friendly packages.

Local catering service

Local caterers know all about the culture and tradition of their locality, make them worth the hire. They have budgeted package as well since local caterers work with local suppliers making it all the more affordable

In-House catering service

For companies and businesses who have their own kitchen utilizes can hire a private chef or a team to take on the catering work. That said, the work can be done on-site making it more satisfying; hot meals, delectable produce, and on-time serving sounds delicious enough.

Mobile catering service

Mobile catering needs a larger space to park providing a much fun and different kind of catering. Just like any other catering services, mobile caterers serve a good variety of unique and well-cooked cuisines.

Functional catering service

This one is more about sustaining, maintaining, and giving full tummies in the middle of work. In such a case, functional catering is best for companies who have a lot to do but still want to eat more in between.

corporate catering

Types of corporate catering:

  • Lunch– builds morale and unity among teams that are large; provides everyday healthy meals and people can enjoy their work while eating their hearts out.
  • Conventions – or any event that is carefully planned and organized for a wide celebration such as conferences and tradeshows. Caterers provide fingers foods down to the evening buffet.
  • Corporate picnics – most companies love to treat their employees on picnics without thinking about work. In this case, caterers provide a variety of refreshments and ligh diet-friendly meals.
  • Team building –going out with the team by the beach or just a formal event at a hotel needs a caterer that can offer a variety of food to serve whatever the event is.
  • Board meetings –caterers for this offer light food that can brighten up the team during a fretful amount of meetings. With a full tummy, the team can possibly go about the day without a hitch.

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