Advantages offered by Biometric Attendance Systems

In this day & age, technology is a big part of our everyday lives, whether we like it or not. The ability to push ourselves to the limit (& beyond) for the sole purpose of making life easier is an astounding as well as defining characteristic of our species, and the incorporation of novel technologies such as self-driving cars & automated manual labour replacements is a testament to that. The beauty of this aspect is that it does not only apply to only the heavy lifting, per se. Something as simple as a biometrics attendance system can smoothen the wrinkles out of the fabric that is your problems.

Effortless installation, high efficiency pertaining to employee tracking & data analysis as well as their ease of use have seen them making some ripples in the business industry. The way these systems operate is they either take a picture of the fingerprint or use electronic pulses to map them, which are then compared to a database of images or mappings already stored in the system; this makes these systems highly accurate & cheat-proof.

Here are a few of the benefits provided by a fingerprint attendance system:

  1. The employee himself/herself has to log in with their own irreplaceable fingerprint or the system will not log their attendance. This is the greatest advantage of such a system as it significantly reduces time theft as well as eliminates ‘buddy-punching’ or ‘buddy-swiping’, prevalent in older logging systems of punch or swipe cards. Systems such as these also help in the calculation of PTO (Paid Time Off) duration through the calculation of number of hours put in for work.
  2. Biometric systems are extremely secure and is hack-proof; the data can only be accessed by the authorized company personnel and no one else. To further reduce and security risks, the fingerprints are deleted as soon as a set of actionable data has been created by the system. No sensitive personal information is demanded or used by the machine apart from the employee ID, so even if it is hacked, there is no information worth stealing.
  3. These systems can also be used to restrict access to sensitive or off-limit areas for employees as well as non-employees.  Any attempt to access an area with unauthorized fingerprints will set off alerts & prevent any further incidents. Management will have full control over assignment of access to employees at their discretion.
  4. Mobility is also an option that is offered by biometric attendance systems. This feature is perfect for companies which have employees making use of company vehicles for deliveries or attending house calls for repairs or other customer service-related issues. They can register their attendance while on the move, allowing the management to keep track of their time as they continue their work & making sure that the time spent away from management’s eyes is not wasted.

Fingerprint attendance systems provide a precise way for companies to map & analyze the movements of their employees, enabling them to re-assess their business models. Their basic technology, secure nature as well as high cost-effectiveness have made them a significantly popular tool in the business world today.