A Review of the Different Alistar Skins

Fans of League of Legends are quite familiar with Alistar. He was the mightiest warrior that emerged from the Minotaur tribes of the Great Barrier. His noble soul became twisted and almost driven to insanity if not for Ayelia, a young servant girl who befriended him and arranged for his escape. Fighting in the League of Legends, he wore several outfits. Here is a look at the different Alistar skins.

Black Alistar

This skin features Alistar with horns and black fur. While it is just a simple skin, it offers a different and fitting look. It is a simple re-color of Alistar’s original splash art and suffers from similar issues namely zero background, rough lines, mute colors, and overall sketchy quality.

Golden Alistar

Of the many Alistar skins, the golden Alistar would seem like another re-color. The addition of white hair makes Alistar better and wiser. The skin offers an air of royalty due to the reinterpretation of restraining devices as lavish decorations. There are no significant model changes but it is visible aiming to give a different aesthetic. Nevertheless, this skin gives a distinct look to Alistar.

Alistar skins

Matador Alistar

This skin is a letdown because it does not capture the elegance and grace of a Matador. It only features Alistar dressed in chaquetilla and taleguilla. The other element such as the montera and the white sock and black zapatillas are conspicuously absent. The missing shirt, tie, and socks should have been included to give a more complete look. This skin does not offer much to fans of Alistar.

Longhorn Alistar

This skin features Alistar in a cowboy outfit. It is suitably adapted to Alistar’s huge frame. While the trousers look sagging and the revolver too small for his hands, it nevertheless has satisfying results and a rather good skin for fans of the minotaur.

Unchained Alistar

The elaborate horns, stern visage, and spiked bands signifying his readiness for battle provides a more fantastic minotaur concept. The ironic thing about this skin is the neck chain which defeats the name of the skin. The skin may be a bit monochromatic with too much blue hue.

Infernal Alistar

This skin features Alistar as an armored behemoth of destruction. The armor is well designed giving maximum protection to Alistar’s massive body without restricting his movement. The hellish theme is clearly implemented but not exaggerated.  The skin can be a great choice for fans to consider.