Ring for Elysium: Basic Strategies for Beginners

If you are a fan of online multiplayer battle royale games, you should give a chance to ring of elysium mobile, which is developed and published by Tencent Games. You must be aware that Tencent Games are also behind PUBG.

With this, you expect that ring of elysium mobile is nothing but the best. In fact, the game started as a mobile ring of elysium android or ring of elysium ios game but it was well received that it has become a polished PC battle royale game.

If you play the mobile version, there is a  ring of elysium apk available. This means you can access a completely unlocked version where you can choose from various characteristics, personal abilities, and unique skills. However, it pays if you start from the basic with ring of elysium android gameplay.

While ring of elysium apk download can completely change your gameplay, you should at least know basic strategies. Here are some strategies you should consider:

ring of elysium mobile

Wait a little bit before spawning

The ring of elysium on phone is preferred because it proceeds directly to action. If you notice, there is no plane or other airborne vehicles that carry everyone across the map. You simply lock the grid you want to spawn in and voila – you will be taken there.

It is better to wait for a little bit before spawning. This way, you will know exactly where other players have spawned. When you reach there, you need to run to the nearest building so you can scavenge for loot.

Use your equipment to travel

After ring of elysium mobile download, you should learn about the equipment so you can make the most of it. If you are new to Europa map, you expect sunny environs with an arsenal that include BMX, hang glider and grappling hook.

For instance, BMX allows you to cycle across the map. The hang glider allows you to soar through the air and lets you leap from a high point. Finally, the grappling hook lets you zip from one point to another. It can also allow you to hang off a ceiling or wall.

Refrain from using the vehicle unless you are in dire need

You have to remember that in mobile ring of elysium, vehicles are weak and super loud. If you use vehicles, everyone can hear you. Vehicles are great for escape but make sure that you do not stay in it for a long time.

Expect many players to approach Airdrops

In android ring of elysium, you will come across airdrops. Airdrops hold the best weapons in the game like AUG assault rifle or sniper rifle. With this, you should expect that many players would approach it and contest. To survive, you should pick airdrop only if you are sure you can loot without being seen.

Moving is possible while healing

You have to remember that in ring of elysium download, moving is possible while healing. There are many items of healing like bandages, med kit, and first aid kit. Fortunately, you can use these things while moving but very slowly.

Bottom Line

Remember that the core concept of the game is similar to other battle royale games in the market. While ring of elysium for android has the same concept, the games can really play out differently. For this reason, many players find the game exhilarating. Moreover, victory will be yours with basic strategies.