Learn How to Teach a Deaf Children

The moment a baby is born is the most wonderful moment for parents. However, if a child is born with some physical problem like deafness or dumbness, it becomes the saddest thing for parents, as every parent wishes their child to be alright.

The primary learning for deaf children should teach them sign language. The easy signs can be taught once the deaf child speaks non-verbally with family members. Most experts emphasize that deaf children must have a basic awareness of sign language before they reach preschool or even a playgroup.

There are different schools of thought regarding educating deaf people, not only within the but around the world. The main disagreement is over the teaching method used to educate deaf students. Should the deaf be taught using the pure oral instruction method, or should they be allowed to use sign language?

learning for deaf children

Schools that have adopted the pure oral method for teaching deaf children completely banned sign language in the classroom and the playground. In my view, I failed to see how this method could be beneficial to anyone and should be very frustrating when trying to get points and perspectives. Many deaf people have testified that the frustration of growing up in an environment they were not allowed to sign is one of the biggest factors causing mental health issues among deaf people.

Another interesting fact. Among the schools that allowed sign language as an additional means of communication, many former students became teachers in other schools of the deaf on their own. We couldn’t really compare this to schools that blocked signatures because we couldn’t find any information. This led us to believe that this is due to the lack of teachers from these schools, which further highlights that signature should be an integral part of deaf education.

In case you do not already know, sign language is not an international language, and like the spoken language, it has differences from one country to another.

There are fewer and fewer deaf schools that do not use sign language at all, which helps raise the level of education in the deaf community year after year, which is excellent news. More and more organizations and charities are doing an excellent job in raising awareness of these issues besides providing advice and assistance to deaf students.

Maintaining a neutral point of view If you have decided that you would like your child to attend an institution that learns through the pure oral method only, the argument for this as the preferred route is that by using this method, you are allowing your child to learn techniques that will help them to participate more in the world of Hear by communicating verbally rather than making them dependent on sign language. The oral and signature argument will probably last forever, and as you just read, there are arguments for both techniques, and it really boils down to personal preference.