Off late, the chemical industry has been witnessing that the chemical compounds of the titanium section have been finding a great deal of application in the field of development. There has been a tremendous make over in the industries. The producers as well as the seekers are not sticking to the traditional and the conventional methods of production as well as the materials that are used for the production. People are willing to pay up a little higher prices as well but their demand is the greater quality of the product. To meet this particular demand of production, the industries are seeing continuous research in this field to improve the working of the system as well. As a part of the results of the research, it has been found that the industries are showing more interest towards using the titanium compounds rather than any other compounds. Of these titanium compounds, the lithium titanate has been found to be more useful among all the other compounds as such. Here is an insight about the this particular compound:

lithium titanate

  • The basic background information about the compound:
    The lithium titanate also popularly known as lithium metatitanate, is one of those chemicals which has been discovered lately and is finding many uses in the field of the chemical industry as such. The basic chemical formula of this particular compound is Li2TiO3. It is also popularly known as the lithium titanium trioxide.
  • The physical properties of this particular compound:
    The compound is crystalline in structure and it is off- white in color at the room temperature. It is assumed to change its composition greatly when it is heated to greater temperatures. The molar mass of the compound is 109.76 grams. The density of the compound is found to be 3. 43 grams/cubic centimeter. The melting point of the substance is 1533 degrees Celsius and this shows that it can withstand quite high temperatures itself. It is a good conductor of electricity and has medium resistance towards the current that is flowing through it. It is also a good conductor of heat as well.
  • The applications that the compound finds in the industry:
    This particular compound, the lithium metatitanate is widely used as the anode for the batteries. The lithium metatitanate battery is considered as the most fast recharging batteries among all the other lithium- ion batteries that are available in the market. This is the kind of battery that is used in the electric cars as well owing to its property of fast recharge. Not just this, the compound is also used as an additive in the porcelain enamels as well. It also finds it use as a ceramic element for insulation.