Protein: Will Too Much Kill You?

Lately, the internet and newsrooms have been filled with the information that too much protein is taking great athletes down. It is no wonder that we are also interested and seeking to find out whether or not eating protein in excess will kill you. If you visit this website, you will notice how athletes and bodybuilders talk about taking protein in excess to compliment the enhancement gear’s efficiency. But do they keep on dying? No, they don’t!

Without further ado, let us see more about this issue of taking protein in excess and how it affects the bodies of different people.

When Can Too Much Protein Kill You?

Well, there are certain times when too much protein can kill you according to scientific studies. Some people have a condition where protein metabolizes too slowly or not at all. This is mostly a genetic condition. When someone who has this condition takes too much protein, then the body becomes ill and the chances of death increase.

The Urea Cycle Disorder

When there is a problem with protein metabolism in the body, this urea disorder could probably be the cause. Some research has indicated that people suffering from this condition experience an enzyme imbalance or destabilization that tends to cause lethargy, mood changes and can be fatal in some cases. What most people do not know is that those with urea cycle disorder can handle a normal amount of protein without any challenges. However, problems start to arise when protein is taken in large amounts and results in the occurrence of symptoms.

The best treatment for this condition can be lowering protein intake. The condition can be a challenge for people who want to venture into sports and bodybuilding. The issue of increasing body muscle mass through protein may seem a dream too far. Doctors can assess the situation accurately and provide the appropriate action to take in such a case. Another way to deal with the situation is by taking some amino acids and phenylbutyrate, which is a medication to control your enzymes. These are taken with a prescription from medical experts in situations where applicable.

Known Cases of Death by Excess Protein

So, what has caused all this hullabaloo? It is reported that recently a woman who is a known bodybuilding contestant has passed away, with the cause of her death being consumption of too much protein. Surprisingly, she had been competing for over 2 years and eaten a large amount of protein as required by her career. But the health problem occurred and took her down.

What Science Says

According to science, there is no harm in eating about 4 times the normal recommended amount of protein in your diet. In fact, eating barely enough protein can be more dangerous. So, in the case we just examined here, people cannot pass all the blame on to protein. We are not happy that this woman developed a health condition and passed away. But why did the condition only appear after 2 years of eating additional protein? Could she have gone way too far by consuming over 4 times the typical amount, which is claimed to be safe by science? The bottom line is that there is no danger in eating such a recommended excess amount of protein.