How to Be a Healthier Person: The Complete Guide

We all know the saying “Health is wealth,” but how do you really achieve health? In this guide, we’ll teach you how to live a healthy life by giving you the tools necessary for your mental and physical well-being.

We give tips on how to eat better, how often exercise is important in our lives, how sleep affects health, how meditation can help us relax and become calmer, and much more! Read on to find out how to be a healthier person!

Eat Nutritious Food and Hydrate Your Body 

The first step to healthy living is how you eat. Eating nutritious food and drinking enough water are the basics of good health, and it’s important that we all understand how crucial they really are. For one thing, eating healthy foods helps prevent diseases like diabetes from occurring in your body.

Remember how much better you felt when you had more energy? Well, this happens because having proper nutrition gives our bodies what they need to function every day! And hydration works hand-in-hand with being well nourished. Water has so many benefits for us:

  • keeping our skin healthy by flushing out toxins
  • allowing our muscles to move properly by giving them electricity (or rather, electrolytes)
  • preventing headaches or migraines
  • providing the liquid base for our blood
  • and so much more!

Practice Gratitude and Daily Affirmations 

If you’re wondering how to be happy, the secret is gratitude. Gratitude also does wonders for your mental health and wellness.

There are several ways you can find things in your life to appreciate and be grateful for. Write a list every night of what makes you thankful that day (or how many times people were kind to you) and remember how lucky we are just being alive!

We complain so much when we forget how lucky we truly are. We complain about how much traffic there is, how many times we’ve been cut off on the road, how bad our job is. But how often do you think of all the things that are working in your favor?

Along with practicing gratitude, be sure to also practice daily affirmations. If you start how day by saying how confident you are and how you will make the best out of today, then your mindset will be more positive throughout the entire day.

It’s human nature to feel insecure every once in a while. Daily affirmations are a great way to remind yourself that you are more than your insecurities and are in fact a worthy and amazing career person.

Take Vitamins and Supplements 

Taking vitamins and supplements is a great biohacking technique for a healthier mind and body. What is biohacking? In short, biohacking is optimizing the body and mind through their diet, lifestyle, nootropics, and more.

Most people do some biohacking without even realizing it. For example, how often do you drink coffee or tea? Caffeine is considered a nootropic, a substance that enhances cognitive function.

In general, supplements are meant to augment diets that are deficient in certain nutrients. This is why taking supplements could be considered nutrigenomic biohacking.

Get More Sleep 

Although this is possibly the toughest to implement, getting more sleep every night will have an amazing impact on how you feel. You might be wondering how much sleep does one need?

Most people require seven to nine hours of quality sleep each night for optimal health and performance. If you are only averaging five or six hours a day, it’s time to start climbing in bed earlier! Taking naps during the day may also help if you still struggle with feeling tired throughout your waking hours despite following recommended amounts of daily rest.

If all else fails, just listen to your body because it knows best how much sleep it needs at any given point in time. Here are some wellness tips for winding down and calming your mind and body before bedtime:

  • dim lights an hour before bedtime
  • avoid bright screens such as televisions, smartphones, and computers in the final hours of your day
  • drink herbal tea to help you relax
  • journal about your day
  • meditate
  • take a hot shower or bath
  • do some yoga
  • read a book

Get Your Daily Dose of Sunshine 

It’s no secret how much of an impact the sun has on our mood and energy levels. Unfortunately, many people are not able to get outside as often or long enough because they are busy with work and school responsibilities.

However, it is important that you take some time out of your day to get at least 20 minutes of sunlight so your body can produce more Vitamin D – a nutrient that helps regulate how sleepy we feel throughout the day.

Here are five tips for getting healthy amounts of sunshine every single day:

  • get outdoors during lunchtime break if possible (don’t forget the sunscreen!)
  • take shorter walks around the neighborhood
  • exercise outside or in a nearby park
  • consider joining an outdoor team or club (especially during winter)

if you absolutely cannot get outside, make sure to stand by the windows at work and school every hour for 20 minutes of sun exposure – it is still better than nothing!

Move Your Body 

Exercise is one of the most important things you can do for your body. Regular exercise is the key to a healthy mind and body. Exercise makes everything from sleeping to breathing easier.

However, everyone’s idea of how much they should be exercising is different – some people need more than others based on their age and overall health condition. If you don’t currently exercise regularly, start small by adding in 30 minutes of cardio every other day (swimming or walking would be perfect!).

Most importantly, do what works best for YOU! Don’t try to make yourself do something that you’ll hate doing.

If your schedule doesn’t allow any time during the weekdays, how about adding an extra ½ hour on Saturday or Sunday? Or how about practicing yoga after dinner instead of watching TV? These small changes will definitely help create healthier habits and improve both your physical and mental health! 

A Holistic Approach: How to Be a Healthier Person 

In today’s world, it has become more important than ever to understand how the human body works. The more you know about your mind and health, the better decisions you can make for yourself in order to live a healthier lifestyle.

We hope that this guide helped shed some light on the subject! Be sure to check out our Health page for more tips on how to be a healthier person!