Physical and psychological problems that steroids can cause

Today, more than half of the population is malnourished or obese. This is because of the excess fat consumption. Fat is essential in giving every person the energy to work manually but excess fat can lead to fat getting deposited in parts of the body which can sometimes be fatal as well. For example, overconsumption of fatty foods like the cheese burger and pizza can lead to fat deposits in blood vessels. This fat is difficult to break down hence stay in the vessels which in turn blocks the blood flow. This can cause insufficient blood flow to the heart leading to heart attack. Today heart attack and problems related to this obesity are not subjected to only people above 50 years of age. Young people aged 20 and 25 are also suffering from heart attacks due to the food and lifestyle that they are following currently. These fat deposits should be burnt down through regular exercise. Lowering the consumption of such fast is also important so that burning down body fats can be reduced. It is high time that people should understand this and change their food habits.

Earlier people did not suffer from heart attacks as much as they suffer now, because, of the food that they ate. They included lots of raw greens and veggies instead of fat. They included good fats like almonds and avocado. When there are options to reduce weight people still find shortcuts. They choose to take steroids in the form of pills or injectables to get the body they desire. Steroids are drugs which help in increasing the muscle mass of the body by enhancing the hormone testosterone in both males and females. But they have their own negatives for males and females when consumed in high dosages. Certain drugs like the Clenbuterol Steroid are recommended for asthma and lung diseases but when consumed in high dosages can have adverse effects on the body. They are banned in the US due to their side effects.

In Males

Side Effects of steroids differ in both males and females. It is better to consult a doctor before consuming the steroids and they should be aware of its effects. Overdosages can lead to hair growth on the face and other body parts, growth of breasts, voice deepening, low sperm count, bad breath, mood swings, fighting behavior, permanent hair loss with decreased hair follicles, eye damage, heart damage, acne formation on the face and body, decreased sexual performance, low self-esteem due to low performance in bed, male pattern baldness can appear etc.

In females

In females, overdosages can lead to irregular menstrual cycle, decreased breast size or overgrowth of breasts, weight gain or loss disorders, voice deepening, acne formation on the face, facial hair growth, loss of sleep, may exhibit extreme mood swings and sometimes split personalities are also discovered, hair damages, loss of hair, baldness in women, depression, Euphoria etc. It is better to consult a doctor before consuming the Clenbuterol Steroid. These steroids are widely sold on the black market and people should not fall a prey to it.