Portable Solar Power Generator machines – Be environmental friendly wherever you go.

People are more and more resorting to natural means of power generation. With high levels of pollution, ozone holes and global warming, now we have no option left but to go eco-friendly. However, solar panels have always been symbolized as huge panels over the terrace and buildings which require a lot of space. But it is certainly not so. There are compact solar power generator machines that you can carry with you easily.

Humless solar power generator machines do not make any sort of noise and are powered by lithium batteries instead of gas. This makes them more environmentally friendly. Humless provides a complete range of products for home, office, industry and travel use. Few of the products are listed below in detail —

  • Humless Go Power Series – These are portable solar generators that are free from gas. Can be used at home or carried while traveling.
  • Humless Go Solar Series – These lightweight solar power machines are for outdoor use as well as for homes. These panels can be used while traveling also or can be installed over the home.
  • Humless Home Power Series – This can be used at home or in small offices and can serve as a power storage setup.
  • Humless Home Solar Series – These solar panels contain high-quality German cells and capture the energy of the sun and converts into power. When used in combination with the Home Power Series you can store the power of the solar energy and use it throughout the day.

solar power generator

Benefits of using Solar Generator with lithium batteries —

  • Eco-friendly – Solar power is a natural way to generate electricity or energy. With solar machines using lithium the issue of pollution by gas is completely eliminated. It is high time that the world opts for solar power to fight with issues such as pollution and global warming. Natural solutions are eco-friendly and can save the mother nature for our future generations.
  • Longer life – As compared to the gas variants the lithium powered machines have a longer life. This makes it an amazing choice for the customers who think solar panels are a huge investment. A lithium powered generator has a life 4 times more than the gas or lead-acid variant i.e. around 8-10 years. This makes it a cost-effective solution.
  • Lightweight and portable – Some people associate solar power with huge panels and power generator machines. With lithium batteries, you can expect compact and lightweight machines and panels that can even be carried with you when you travel.
  • Safe – Lithium powered solar generators are safer as compared to the lead acid ones. The lead acid batteries release poisonous gases that can be harmful to the kids and your family.
  • Holds charge for a longer time – You can’t expect the sun to be around for 24 hours. Obviously, that is not possible. Then how can you utilize the solar power throughout the day? That is certainly possible with the help of the lithium batteries that hold the charge generated due to the solar energy for a longer time. This means you can enjoy the power of sun even when the sun is not around.

So check out these amazing features of solar power machines and do switch to a natural, eco-friendly and low-cost substitute now.