What You Need to Know About Moving Houseplants

Houseplants demand a great deal of care and caution while you are about to set out for a big move. They are sensitive to excessive strain and the result can be fatal if you don’t prepare them adequately for the move. But don’t sweat- it’s no hard science to move houseplants. One just has to be little meticulous and sensible while preparing, packing and hauling them.

Read below to know what to do while moving houseplants moving services.

Be careful of the weather

It’s not advisable to move your plants in the heavy shower. Also, avoid scorching days and chilled months while moving. It’s especially important when you are set for a long-distance move.

Repot the plants in advance

This is one of the most important tips to know while moving your houseplants. Have you potted them in clay or ceramic pots? Well, they are good for your living room but not so when you would have to carry the plants on a moving truck. Clay and ceramic pots are breakable. You have to shift your plants to unbreakable plastic pots so that they are more convenient to carry. However, don’t repot the plants just one day before your move. You have to carry the repotting process minimum three weeks ahead of your moving date. An advance repotting gives the plants plenty of room to get acclimatized to the new pots.

Prune them

You have to prune off the dead and excess parts of the plants minimum 14 days in advance. Pruning brings a compact shape to the overall plant structure and makes them more convenient to carry. However, pruning is not advisable for certain plants such as cactus, jade, aloe etc. Thus, before you start pruning, just check out the specific requirements of your plants.

Look for pests & diseases

You should also make sure to look for possible diseases and pests in your plants. Don’t do this on the day of your move. Rather you should carry the inspection minimum 7 days prior to the move. It will give you enough time to consult your local nursery and get the needed remedies.

Tips on watering before move

You should water your plants 2-3 days before the moving date. It would give them enough time to absorb the water before the journey. If it’s a cross-country move, you have to water the plants in between the journey.

Packing tips for plants

All your houseplants should be individually packed in fresh tissue paper. Get separate boxes for each plant and never stack two in one box. Before you place a plant in a box, you have to cushion the box well for a safe carriage. First, you will lay crumpled newspaper at the bottom of the box. Then, you will place the plant in an upright position. After that, close the box properly. The packing should be done just before you are about to move out- after everything else has been packed.

Make holes in the box

Don’t forget to make holes on all sides of the box (containing plants) to allow fresh air and sunlight in.

It’s better if you carry the plants in your car and not on the moving truck.