Dog Subscription Boxes: What’s With The Hype

A dog subscription box is not a service where you get a new dog each month. It is a fun way of treating your furry friend. This trend has become more popular each day. There are so many kinds of subscription boxes. Some focus on pop-culture, food, wine, or cosmetics. Even with different things to focus on, they all work the same way.

How does a dog subscription box work?

Signing up will let you receive a regular delivery of goodies. There are usually three delivery options you could choose from. A monthly subscription will give you goods once a month. If you choose a quarterly subscription, you will receive goods once every quarter of a year. You can also choose the 6-month subscription to get items twice a year only.

There is a general theme of the box. Although the theme differs now and then, the products always match them. Most boxes offer a total surprise. You also often get a good deal on items. A box that costs $50 a month might give you $150 worth of products. Some companies accept returns if you are not satisfied with anything in the box.

These boxes are now super popular. People also started to create ones for dogs. They include a mix of treats, food samples, toys, accessories, or even vouchers.

Which subscription boxes are the best?

The most famous is BarkBox. It is a US-based dog subscription service bringing in $250 million in annual revenue.


Each BarkBox has at least two toys, two treats, and a chew based on a fun theme. Every toy in each BarkBox is unique. You cannot find it anywhere else. A monthly subscription costs $35 while a 6-month subscription costs $25 a month or $135 if you pay one time. A 12-month subscription is also available for $22 a month or $239 one-time payment.

Pooch Perks

Their boxes are available with three to four items, five to six items, or eight to nine items. You can get sample boxes for $11.95 only. The Toys Only box contains three to four toys and costs $21.15 a month. The Popular Pooch box has five to six items, including toys, treats, and a chew. It costs $23.75 per month. At $45 a month, you can get the Pampered Pooch box with eight to nine items. Included are toys, treats, an accessory, and a chew.

Bullymake Box

This is for heavy chewer dogs. For $39 a month, you can avail of a 1-month dog subscription box. For a 3-month subscription, it costs $36 per month. You can also subscribe for 6 months and 12 months. They cost $34 and $31 per month respectively. Their toys are stronger than most dog subscription boxes. They also offer a satisfaction and durability guarantee on all toys, good for 14 days.

Decide which items you want and how much you can pay before you choose a subscription box.