Know everything about construction permit

Construction permits also known as a building permit, is a license that must be obtained from authorities for any new construction, additions to existing structures, and in some situations, substantial facelifts. In general, officers examine new construction during the construction and completion phases to comply with state and local building codes. If a developer fails to obtain a permit or follow the standards, the building will be ruled unlawful and hefty fines and fines would be applied, potentially leading to demolition.

How to apply for a permit: 

The approval process is sequential. The ‘No Objection Certificate (NOC)’ must first be obtained from relevant departments. Following that, permission from the planning authority is required. The following are the NOCs that must be obtained: Airport Authority (if the construction is near an airport), Telecom Board (if the building is near an airport), Electricity Board (if the structure is near an airport), Water Supply and Sewer Board (if the project is more significant than 20,000 sq.m.), State Pollution Control Board (if the project is more important than 20,000 sq.m.), drainage, etc., NOCs from the appropriate department are required. State development consultant for development away from 5 acres of land and layout sanction plan and the master plan if a property is being built near a railway line etc. NOCs from the appropriate department is required.

construction Permit

How long does it usually take?

Someone used to get all of the construction permits Toronto within six to eight months after purchasing the land. However, it is now a never-ending process that can take anywhere from 12 to 24 months. Furthermore, the revenue department and its issues bog down the entire planning and approvals process.


  1. Ensures Safety –constructing a safe structure reduces your obligations, and acquiring a construction permit is the first step in this process.
  1. Helps customers sell property effectively –there’s nothing worse than preparing to sell a building and running into a snag when interested parties ask to see building permits and proof of occupancies for finished construction work. While ignoring the key appeared to save money, the bill eventually comes due and is costly when the consumer is ready to sell their home.
  1. Assists customers in acquiring bank loans and property financing – many construction loans across the country are not approved unless a building permit has been obtained. And, if the owner pays for the construction out of pocket and then seeks financing for the work after it is completed, evidence of a building permit is necessary most of the time.
  1. Reflects the ideals of the subcontractor – failing to obtain a permit when one is required shows the contractor’s corrupt nature and character.
  1. Shows care about the customer — There are various ways to demonstrate that care about the consumer and produce high-quality work. One method is to obtain a construction permits Brampton and publish it where the consumer may see it.
  1. Maintains good status with authority –City Inspectors chat amongst themselves and have great insights into the business, so they eventually uncover contractors who do not pull permits regularly by going by job sites or finding out through other means.

As stated above, the process of applying for the construction permit is not very challenging as stated above. All we require is to make sure of the right steps, and then we are good to go and the whole process becomes a cake-walk.