Clarins Skin Spa: Safe Haven for Expectant Mothers

Women are most beautiful when they are pregnant. But it may also be stressful for them. That is why beauty and skin care should not stop when a woman gets pregnant. So, if you are looking for a spa for pregnant ladies in Singapore, then look no further – Clarins Skin Spa is the perfect place for you.

All About Clarins Skin Spa

“At the Clarins Skin Spa, you’ll find that you are the most important person that your beauty and well-being comefirst, and that meticulous attention is paid to your every need and comfort. It’s your personal beauty space; somewhere super-accessible that you can escape to for the very best facial and body treatments from skillful, caring beauty therapists.”

At Clarins Skin Spa, you can be sure that your best interest is put above all; that all your beauty and skincare needs will be well taken of by their trained and experienced staffs and therapist; that you will have your best, enjoyable, and relaxing spa treatment experience ever, by providing you with beauty and skincare treatments that are suited with your needs and condition.

Clarins Skin Spa has over 60 years of experience in this business. With their 60 years of non-stop dialogues and conversations with their customers, they have come up with the best products and application techniquesthat will satisfy all your beauty, wellness and skin care needs. “They combine the power of the Clarins touch – a specialized and skillful massage – with the purest plant extracts and aromatic essential oils. The result is a blissful sensory experience that addresses the way you look and feel.”

And one of the most important things you should know about Clarins Skin Spa; why is it the best spa for pregnant women in Singapore is… “At the heart of Clarins expertise are plants with the most effective active ingredients. Their Researchers use the power of science to extract the natural beauty from the heart of each one, resulting in the purest, highest quality and the most effective botanicals. Every Clarins formula is the result of innovative research and effectiveness carried out in our Laboratories.”

This means that, all the products they use on you are uniquely theirs; and that all of them are results of their extensive research and experimentation; and thatall of their products are plant-based, natural, and chemical-free. Meaning, all the products they will use on you are safe and will bring no harm for you and your baby.

spa for pregnant ladies in Singapore

Services for Pregnant Women

As a spa for pregnant women in Singapore, Clarins Skin Spa will be there for you from the beginning of your pregnancy until after you gave birth, providing you with the following services:

During Pregnancy

  • Prevent the appearance of stretch marks.
  • Essential exfoliating scrubs.
  • Say goodbye to tired legs.
  • Rehydrates skin.
  • Stop facial puffiness.
  • Make-up bag.
  • Combat the signs of fatigue.
  • Embrace your bust.

At the Hospital

  • Survival kit for the hospital.

After the Delivery

  • Skincare after childbirth.