What are the botanical in Suntory six gin?

In Japanese, roku signifiessix. Suntory’s interpretation of gin is classified six after six quintessentially Japanese botanicals. There’s green tea two different ways: sencha and gyokuro. Cherry, also two different ways: bloom and leaves. And afterward yuzu and Japanese pepper. There are another eight customary botanicals too bringing the excellent total up to fourteen. You may get it online, visit the store now JETSPREE.

Roku Gin has two variations available. There’s a movement selective under a similar name with marginally amped up cherry bloom and their customary lead Roku Gin. This one is the last mentioned. Roku Gin is refined from an overall nonpartisan base of grain.

Tasting Notes

Roku Gin has an ethereal top note of cherry bloom. Notes of green tea citron and pepper momentarily arise as it rapidly calms. The sensitive smell rapidly passes and scatters.

Smooth and sleek, the soul has a rich person as it covers the tongue. There’s a transitory look at cherry bloom and conventional gin notes before the tea and tannic notes dominate. Heavy, leafy traces of green and early dim tea. A clear note of severe citrus and smokey leaves, with a sense of taste drying and striking sharpness nearer to something like Suze. The severe note becomes reminiscent of gentian root and wormwood on the completion of Roku Gin.

Roku Gin’s sense of taste is clinical as far as the unfurling mouthfeel and flavor; notwithstanding, it’s maybe very strange and unforeseen. Tasted flawless, I trust Roku Gin approximates the experience of an amaro more than it does the non-romantic ideal of gin. That being said, it’s anything but’s a natural point of view.


Roku’s strong and strikingly harsh profile makes it a difficult blending gin. Discovered it to be unnatural in customary applications like the Gin and Tonic testing, scholarly, and less invigorating than anticipated, the Gimlet the harshness countered the cloying of the lime, yet the completion didn’t work for me, and the Ramos Gin Fizz it’s astringent to the point that I don’t know Roku Gin is at any point appropriate for a pastry style gin suntory malaysia.

As a gin all alone, I thought that it was great to be appreciated Neat. It functioned too in the quintessential top of the line gin-bar use. I mean obviously, the Martini. The sharpness nearly recreated the consideration of Vermouth as of now. You can go very dry with Roku and still have a Martini that hits the normal notes. At last, I additionally thought it made a decent Negroni.

Barkeeps would be very much prompted against regarding Roku Gin as a blending gin appropriate for all uses. It’s a difficult gin that is focusing a few sorts of appreciation like perfect, rocks and Martinis.


Roku Gin makes them interest things going on, in any case, the sense of taste simply needs balance, particularly in the mids and on the completion. The extreme unpleasant point of view crushes the remainder of the botanicals.

That being said, fanatics of complex herbal gins, and particularly Martinis may be all around encouraged to give Roku a look.