New tyre rules are being considered for next year in F1

The Grand Prix Drivers’ Association recently met in Brazil to explain to Pirelli that the current tyres do not enable drivers to attack in races. As a result, team managers subsequently met with Formula 1 race director Charlie Whiting in Abu Dhabi to discuss the possibility of changing the rules for next year.

Despite this, Pirelli has been confirmed to extend its deal with Formula 1 until 2023 and is thought to be listening to requests to produce less sensitive tyres that can potentially take vital seconds off race times. The issue was raised in 2017 and has returned again this year.


One of the proposals being considered is that drivers should be allowed to choose their own tyres for the race; however, this has caused objections, with those involved in the sport saying that the races would be too predictable if the top teams got to choose the most robust tyres available.


Another option was to create a points system whereby drivers need to meet a minimum point requirement to comply; however, this was considered too complicated and premature, according to insiders. It has now been suggested that officials wait to see how the new cars perform next year before introducing any new rules and regulations.


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The executive director of Mercedes AMG, Toto Wolff, recently revealed his feelings about the brand’s successful season in an article in the Daily Express.

Lewis Hamilton

Hamilton is now equal to racing legend Juan Manuel Fangio and is on track to equal Michael Schumacher’s seven world championship titles. He has already secured his name in the history books and despite having already won the 2018 championship, he managed to claim victory at the weekend and complete his successful season with a victory in Abu Dhabi. Sebastian Vettel took second place on the podium ahead of Max Verstappen.

It has been a fantastic year for Mercedes motorsport and to end the year with a trophy demonstrates the domination of the team.