Learn Adobe Photoshop Layering

Adobe Photoshop is a very handy and advanced tool for photo and video editing with its powerful tools that provide a lot of useful features. The layers were introduced in the software version 3.0. It was a revolution in the Photoshop industry as you could now change and alter the complex compositions easily without being a geek. Surely, it will take time to master the layers and need to practice them regularly. But they aren’t as difficult as when you learn how to operate around with the layers. Hence, this is a how to learn article for Photoshop layers to help you work with cooler and smoother features that are fast.

Layering Panel:

Basically, a layer is simply having one image being stacked upon the other being a background with two layers. The Photoshop uses the layers as a pallet interface and having more than one layer, it would be called a composition. It’s an extremely powerful tool allowing you to operate with multi layered compositions with great precision. The various options on the pane are;

  • Layer Filter
  • Opacity
  • Blend modes
  • Fill opacity
  • Visibility
  • Locking options such as lock all, lock position, locking image pixels and locking transparent.
  • Link
  • Layer effects and styles
  • Layer masking
  • Adjustment layer
  • Layer groups
  • New layer, delete layers and other panel options

Types of Layers:

Along with these there are different types of layers that require different settings and they indicated by icons and other symbols.

  • Thumbnail: Having a small picture of layers contents
  • Layer group: It puts the layers in a folder and they can either be dragged in or out of the groups in the panel.
  • Adjustment layer: It’s the changing of the colour or the tone of all the layers underneath.
  • Layer Mask: This allows you to paint on the mask to depict and show the portions of the image.
  • Video layer: It is an indication of layer being put on the video and you can work with anime and videos to look at the graphics
  • 3D Layer: It can also working on 3D layering and enable you to have 3D printing.

Photoshop layering is a very important tool in editing an image or a video and helps you project the exact thing to be focused on the image. It is one o the best known software around in the world with high sophistication and application with a reputation of being a techy software. Being around for more than 2 decades, Photoshop and its features have advanced to another level and with the feature of layering you can easily have them in your grip and use them for easy editing and graphic setting. Hence, this basic how to learn Photoshop layering addresses the layer panel and types of layers.