Marketing practices to keep in mind when you are sending out bulk SMS?

SMS stands for short messaging service that is at a booming space. As per recent reports nearly 73% of masses rely on SMS for their marketing needs. In countries like US people prefer SMS over voice calls as they are not disturbed. At the same time by availing an option of bulk SMS pack provider numerous benefits are presented.  Sadly this is a marketing form that has been abused at a considerable level. In order to fully cash in on the power of bulk SMS a company has to comply with certain guidelines

Bulk SMS- Some strategies that you might have to follow

Seek permission

Provide users with an option of opt in services as it is important to ensure that customers have agreed to receive messages from your end. This could be via keyword or even web opt in services. In order to build a reliable database of customers seeking permission is the most important aspect. Make things easy for a customer to join your SMS. In addition they need to be aware on how frequent they are going to receive messages.

Opt for a simple code

It makes sense to work with an easy to use memory code. The customers should not be at a pain in order to recollect your code. For a small business to acquire dedicated code poses to be a major challenge. In such cases sharing of codes with non -competitors would be of help.

The messages have to be direct

A lot of companies have the urge to reveal a lot in 140 character length of messages. But a bulk SMS in a creative way should reveal to a customer on what benefits are there for them.  Do rely on the use of short code and avoid ambiguity.

bulk SMS marketing services

The messages need to be relevant

You do not need to over emphasize the relevancy factor when you are sending out SMS. The message might be the most creative in the world, but it would serve no purpose if it does not reach out to the correct audience. Hence proper segmentation and targeting appears to be the key. Do consider the demographics along with the target group when you are going to craft a message.

Keep things personal

Bulk SMS provides a viable alternative in order to build a personalized relationship with your customers via SMS. On usage of the first name of a customer as part of your SMS this provides a viable opportunity to make them valuable and special

To conclude the most creative message of all times would not yield the desired results if it is not timed in the correct manner. If you send out a text message at the middle of the night or in the morning hours it is not going to generate a lot of response. This would depend upon the characteristics of the  target audience. Do a random testing and then figure out the correct time when the message achieves the desired results.