Movavi Video Converter – The Simple Software To Convert Any Movie You Want

When it comes to working with video content there are many different things that will go through your mind. One of them is definitely converting from one format to another. Unfortunately, in some cases this can be quite difficult since you cannot find a movie converter that supports the formats you are interested in. Few things are more frustrating than browsing from one page to the next and not being able to find what you are looking for. Everyone went through this at least once.

This does change with Movavi Video Converter, a program that does exactly what it implies and does it better than the more expensive software available at the moment. The program is very-well designed, with the end-user in mind, making it a really interesting option for both novice users and professionals.

How To Convert Movies With Movavi Video Converter

Changing the video format of a file from one to the other should be simple since most people do not have a lot of technical knowledge about video and audio encoding. That is why Movavi focused on making the entire process as simple as possible. All you need to do, after you install Movavi Video Converter, is to follow these simple steps:

  • Use the Import tool to add the file you want to convert to another format. You can also use drag and drop for this purpose. If you have to convert more files than one, simply add them all.
  • Edit the files you are to transform. Cut, trim and add annotations or filters if you want to. This can be done in bulk, with filters added to all clips at once, or one-by-one.
  • Choose the video format for the file you are converting. Choose out of the listed formats or modify every aspect of the desired format.
  • Convert the video file with a simple click.

This is how easy it is to change the video format of a file from one to another. Movavi Video Converter offers numerous presets that are already in place and that you can use in order to quickly make the changes you are interested in. You can even plug in the device you will play the video on in order to automatically detect the best possible video format for the conversion. For instance, if you plug-in your iPhone the software will detect the best video format for viewing the clips on the smartphone.

Final Thoughts

Movavi Video Converter is a program that is not widely advertised. This is because it is a whole lot cheaper than other professional alternatives. However, it is a video converter that you absolutely need to consider because of how effective it is. Besides the fact that it is so simple to make the video conversion to the desired format, you can even edit the movie to make it better, all in just minutes.

You do not need to necessarily purchase the program to try all that it has to offer. There is a trial version that allows you to analyze the product before you buy it. This is a great way to not lose money as you are sure you can make a totally unbiased decision after you actually use the program. Buying something more expensive and not getting the quality you are after would be just a waste of money.