Samsung Galaxy S9 will feature Live Foxus 2.0

The bokeh effect of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has been called Live Focus in its photography application. And the peculiar thing is that it allows applying the effect of blur in the bottom of the image both before and after capturing the photograph. Just slide the bar to apply the effect with more or less force. However, the application captures the original photo and saves a second copy for editing. So, from the gallery, we can return to see the photo without touching or apply the bokeh effect again to taste. The result is almost perfect as if it had been taken with an SLR camera. And, our question is will the next Samsung Galaxy S9 overcome the SLR camera in performance, let’s discover.

Note 8 detect elements in the foreground and distinguish them from the background in detail. This is to avoid that the blur is applied erroneously or too hard, as it happens in other phones in the market. For its part, the camera for selfies has an 8-megapixel sensor and an aperture of 1.7. So it captures moments with great luminosity and multitude of details. Ideal for dark situations, it is also a sensor with autofocus. However, Samsung can bet on most advanced sensor in the next Samsung Galaxy S9.

Samsung Galaxy S9 will feature Live Foxus 2.0

We do not forget the star of the whole. The stylus S Pen is still present in the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. And in fact, it grows in possibilities and functions. Like the stylus of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, it has a 0.7-millimeter -thick stylus for good precision. This tip recognizes more than 4,000 levels of pressure to reflect the user’s strokes faithfully. As long as you use an application capable of reading this data, this pen is still completely self-sufficient, with no need for a battery of any kind. It also includes IP68 certification, so it is not damaged if it is immersed in water or filled with dust. The similar features against the water protection and dust will be there in the Samsung Galaxy S9.

But its new possibilities are what draw attention: To its already known characteristics of drawing, selection, and capture, now you have to add questions like writing and drawing GIF. Something you can share with WhatsApp and other chat applications that support this file format. It has also improved note taking with the screen off. Now there is no limit. It is possible to lengthen these notes to save all the information at once. Although it is also possible to join several notes in a single a posteriori. Along with this, now this vitamin S Pen now quickly translates words and complete sentences by just selecting them. A comfortable utility for long texts, since, you do not have to press a single button.

Also, Samsung has reminded us of the existence of the Penup application. A social network for artists is also there and creators where they can draw, and color with the S Pen to pleasure. In this tool, there is the multitude of brushes, colors, and the option to expand and detail any creation to the millimeter. Without a doubt, one of the reasons why the Galaxy Note 8 reaches a price of 1,000 euros, but it’s price should lower down once the Samsung Galaxy S9 makes to the market.