Why Digital Accessibility Matters In Contemporary Times

Making technology accessible for all has become a major requirement in contemporary times. Gone are those days when the visually impaired individuals could not see the screen properly. Technology has changed for good, and with several innovations, digital accessibility has become a much-needed phenomenon. Here’s a quick post that talks about why digital accessibility matters in contemporary times. A fantastic web presence can help you build your business. Since majority of the buyers are going online to purchase products, your business must target more people. Ask yourself this question – Are you reaching out to all the people in your country or the entire globe?

Why it Truly Matters

When a group of digital developers sit down to create a mobile application or a website, they must make it user-friendly and something which is accessible to all. Group A may consist of individuals with perfect vision. However, there are some people who do not have the strongest eyesight or have severe vision impairments.

To make technology inclusive, the developers need to create an app/website that can be used by visually impaired individuals as well. A person who is visually challenged will not be able to see colors clearly and a certain sized text may not be comfortable to view. That’s precisely why digital accessibility for visually impaired comes into the picture.

Facts To Support The Need for Digital Accessibility

As per World Health Organization, 15% of the world population are living with a disability. We are talking about more than a billion people! Also, the numbers grow because older people get weak eyesight after a certain age.

In order to make technology accessible to all, this change should be embraced. Developers need to build apps and websites that are inclusive. Even our parents, grandparents and children/youth with visual impairments can use technology. Why should they feel left out in the crowd?

Bringing about a Change

Sadly, there are many websites that do not consider this an important change. How about we start with YOU? The next time you are working on a digital project, try and make it inclusive for all. Once we bring the change on a personal level, our colleagues and friends will notice and embrace that change.

It can be such a wonderful world where there are no inequalities of any form. People can use technology and stay in touch with the loved ones from different countries. Older people can use websites and learn about spaceships and keep track of the current news.

It starts with US! Digital accessibility is a need of the hour. It should be embraced with open arms. Luckily, there are certain website who DO feel the need to bring this change.