Determining the Australian Immigration Services in Dubai

Here are the guides to help you know about Australian immigration services Dubai. In order to apply for the same, you have to be in the skill order list. Australia is always searching people with potential. The Australian government has come up with the skilled occupation list. The list consists of all the details of the occupation. This is the list to make people apply with interest and knowledge. There is even the Skilled Migrant Category. If your skill is there in the list things would seem easier for you. You can give a call for free assessment and see whether you qualify for the kind of visa.

Getting Qualified

To qualify for the visa you need to have best points in the point assessment category. It is necessary to apply for Australian visa from Dubai. The points are calculated based on the specific criterion. Points are calculated based on work experience, your age, your job and your linguistic ability. You can gain the scores easily if you have relatives living in Australia. You can even gain points in case you have previous working experience in Australia. You can even get points if you are perfectly sponsored by the state in need of hardcore professionals like you.

Assessment Process

After this, an application is launched for assessing your skills. The assessment of the skill is based on your post-secondary education status and the sort of job experience. The jobs mentioned in the skilled occupation list are being assessed by the particular assessing bodies. On receiving the optimistic result due to the skill assessment you can readily move on to the next step. After it is determined that you can qualify for the immigration you would be asked to log your Expression of Interest or EOI. This is something to determine the kind of skill you have.

Submission of EOI

It is important to gather details on Australian immigration services Dubai. Under Australia’s Skilled Migration agenda you need to submit an Expression of Interest or EOI. This puts you in the position to receive the invitation for applying for the visa. It will take time for your EOI to get accepted and the tenure can vary from 4 months to 18 months. There is no need for you to worry as you would be updated on the entire procedure. It is good that you know about the same in order to get acquainted with the method of application.

Variations to Consider

There is the opportunity to apply for Australian visa from Dubai. There are three variations of Skilled Migration visas. The first is the Skilled Independent Visa. The seconds is the Skilled Nominated Visa. The third one is the Skilled Nominated or Sponsored Visa. You can sit for the skilled assessment test in order to get qualified for the visa type. You just have to know how to get prepared for the test and sit for the assessment in time. Once you get the visa in time you can try for too many things in Australia from the destination of Dubai.