Things You Should Never Do As A Hotel Guest

Hotels are meant to be your home away from home. But remember that you do not own it, so you should be mindful of what you do as a hotel guest. There were people who stayed in the same room before you, and there will be other guests who will accommodate the same room after you checkout. Some people argue that they are paying a good price to feel ‘comfortable’ upon their hotel stay. But there are things that they do that can get them into trouble.

What do you think are the things that you should not do while staying at a hotel? If you are not sure, then here are some of the most common things that you were probably doing:

Take Care Of Your Valuables

When looking for hotel accommodation in Kuala Lumpur, travelers will always consider a hotel that has the best security services. However, your personal items are your responsibility. Even though the hotel has tight security, you can never be sure that nothing can happen. To be safe, keep your valuables in a safe if you have to leave them in your hotel room. 

Keep Your Room Number Private

To reduce your issues with security, it is important that you keep your room number private. Never tell strangers where you are staying at. Also, you should tell the front desk to not disclose your room number to anyone. An extra dose of security can be a great help. 

Try To Avoid The Mini-Bar

Most hotels nowadays have mini-bars ready for their visitors. To avoid high bills during your checkout, stay away from the mini-bar! Remember that the snacks and drinks that you can get from the mini-bar can be twice, if not, thrice its original price. Sure it’s convenient, but if you want to save during your visit at Kuala Lumpur, just use the mini-fridge and stack your own snacks and drinks.

Do Not Use The Remote

Even at home, you know that the remote control is one of the dirtiest items next to mobile phones. To protect yourself, especially your kids from the germophobes, avoid using the hotels’ remote control. If you need to use television, bring antibacterial wipes. Also, you can download an app to control the TV. 

Peek Before You Open

You probably also heard about horror stories of travelers who got robbed at high-end hotels. It is a natural reaction to open the door when someone knocks. Even if you are expecting someone, peek first before you open. Do this too even though the person on the other side of the door says ‘room service’ or ‘maintenance.’ It is better to be safe than sorry.

As a hotel guest, do not rely solely on the security that they provide. You should also be vigilant with your surroundings. Avoid lingering in hallways and areas where you are alone. Before you book a hotel room, always check reviews and put more focus on their safety and cleanliness. Like your home, you should not worry about getting sick or putting your safety at risk while staying at a hotel.