Eyes Here! – Pros and Cons of Car Mechanics

            Car mechanics, also known as service technicians, portray a big role in working at car repair shops and provide a wide array of maintenance services to its clients. n this article, you will learn about the pros and cons of being a car mechanic. But if you opt not to be one, then you must be able to distinguish which repair shop does the best auto hail repair for your car, especially if you happen to involve in an accident.

            Pros of Car Mechanics 

            You get a reasonable earning potential. Even if you have not finished your college degree, being an auto mechanic will have you earned a solid amount of salaries (although this depends on where you work). As per the dollar amount, the average annual salary for the paid service technician as of May 2012 was $39,060 – what more now?

            You get career stability. Due to cars being one of the most primary sources of transportation for many individuals and companies, being in the field of auto repairing will give you career stability. For many individuals, not most of them are knowledgable about their car parts and how to repair them when needed. This is why there is a high demand for professionals who can repair cars and restore them to a good driving condition – especially after unfortunate accidents in the road.

            Cons of Car Mechanics 

            You will have uncomfortable working conditions. Regardless of the condition and the situation given at a certain event, choosing to repair cars as your means of salary will often mean that you get yourself into a straining work. This might not be the right career choice especially if you do not like to get dirty because mechanics do tasks that will need to slide under cars, work with small tools and parts that are hard to manage, and get grease all over the hands.

            You have irregular working hours. Most of the time, especially if you are managing your own repair shop, you will have long and irregular working hours. Some auto repair shops would rather want to open during evenings, while others open on weekends. Because of this busy schedule, this affects work-life balance. Sometimes, you will need overtime to keep up with your client’s demands.

            To conclude, you will need to have a passionate heart and patience to operate in a repair shop. Especially when you operate your own, you will not only have to manage and repair but will also have to give time to do the inventory, pay the bills, and make important finance and marketing decisions that your repair shop needs to thrive in the industry.