Used Cars Myths Debunked – Check These Out!

Planning to purchase a pre-owned car? Then it is highly recommended that you need to take some references from friends or relatives. While doing so, others may suggest something about other circumstances with new conceptions about used cars. Therefore, you may end up collecting multiple mixtures of falsifying, hearsay, misbeliefs, and gossips information. Because of this, it becomes even more difficult to finalize your decision and sometimes, it can cause a delay for your used-car-buying purposes.

Along with all the misconceptions you heard such as you’ll most likely to get ripped off or perhaps most used car dealers are dishonest about the car conditions or deals, there are also plenty of myths about buying a pre-owned car.

To be honest, there are lots of car dealerships you can find on the market today even online. Also, when you type the word “new and used cars for sale” thousands of results will appear on your browser. Because of the huge variety of options, buying a second car could be difficult, what’s more, if there’s a lot of myths and hearsay about used cars as well?

From the ordinary and basic myths such as you should need to visit the dealership at the end of every month to get a better deal, and some myths will end up costing you a lot of effort and time, and course money, only if you believe them.

new and used cars for sale

So to prevent this from happening, this article debunks some myths about buying a used car:

1. “Cash Transactions are Always The Better Deal”

Just like the old saying “Cash is King” which is truly true in some cases, but not always true when buying a pre-owned car. The auto dealership sometimes can be incentivized to finance several cars and may even cover the interest rate you pay to increase the amount they create on the transaction.  In some ways, it means that the dealership will earn more money if they assist you in getting a financing payment method for your chosen vehicle. Therefore, they are not that motivated to offer some discounts or promotions for those buyers who pay in cash.

2. “Warranty is a Scam”

For others, a warranty may often feel like a scam if you are not familiar with the details around it. If you don’t understand the warranty or the coverage of it then it may appear useless for you. But in reality, knowing and understanding your warranty coverage can save you a lot of money along the process.

Also, remember, not because you purchased a used vehicle doesn’t mean you have an automatic warranty. Some car dealerships don’t give warranties for their autos. But when you get a warranty, you need to understand every detail of it, what’s covered and what’s not.

  1. “Buy Now or Regret Later”

This line is pretty popular from a car sales agent and sometimes feels like a cliché, thanks to some salesmen or agents portraying this kind of saying. But in reality, most of the used car dealerships have great deals to offer for their prospective buyers. Not unless the car you’ve found is rare or in limited supply only, you’ll be able to find another similar or look-a-like deal the next day, next week, or perhaps even next month. Some deals may change forms such as lower interest rates, rebates, lower mileage, greater warranty coverage, and so on.

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