Set Up Commercial Kitchen With Cloud Kitchen Services

How much does it cost to set up a commercial kitchen in a remote location?

It will cost around $450000 to set up a commercial kitchen, the cost includes the opening, building, and operating of the restaurant. But with cloud kitchen services, the operational cost can be cut down up to 70%. Cloud kitchens not only help in reducing the cost but also attract customers and grow the business.

What is a cloud kitchen?

Cloud kitchens also referred to as ghost kitchens, are kitchens where the restaurant’s food is prepared and delivered to the customer’s doorsteps by taking orders via online platforms or calls. Cloud kitchens are a great way to set up a new business. It empowers and helps businesses to grow in a short period.

Here is a list of advantages associated with cloud kitchen:

  • New pool of customers

There will be a bigger pool of customers in a short period. With the right strategy, the cloud kitchen can be set up in a highly-populated area, filled with people who frequently order online food. People are often attracted by the new restaurants and offer on them.

  • Low initial investment

Shifting from one remote location to another is a difficult task. It requires a lot of investment and time, but with cloud kitchens, things become easier. Delivery optimized kitchens can help in saving up to 70% of the initial investment. Cloud kitchens help in setting up the business base. It helps in building customer support and loyalty.

  • Business growth

Due to the flexibility provided by the cloud kitchen, the business can be easily scaled up or down. Cloud kitchen provides the facility to move to any location at any point in time. The owner does not have to worry about the relocation cost or moving expense.

  • Ready to go

Cloud kitchen helps in setting up the business in just a few weeks. The team handles the logistics like installation, permits, and more. Your precious time will not get wasted upon these logistics.

The cloud kitchens also have commissary kitchens where the foodservice providers can prepare, cook and store all the food equipment. You can walk into the ready-to-go kitchen without any delays.

  • Reduced operational cost

All your restaurant needs is a kitchen space and staff to prepare the orders, the commissary kitchen provides you with that space.

The space is used by the food service providers for the preparation and storage of food. These spaces are safe and legal.