How to get free bitcoins?

Bitcoin is magic internet money, a type of a Cryptocurrency which has been around for several years. Bitcoin is the most popular kind of Cryptocurrency that is widely popular and most valuable; in simple words it is a digital currency that needs no bills. It is a decentralised currency that has no government or a bank controlling it and the owners of this Cryptocurrency are anonymous, they use no ID’s or names but use encryption keys to connect with the buyers. There is no transaction fees for Bitcoin exchange and this currency also has its own ATM’s and is accepted worldwide and also by a number of e-commerce sites.

Those who want to own bitcoins but don’t want to invest large parts of their savings, and then they can own free bitcoins. Getting free bitcoin is not a cake walk and cannot happen by just clicking on some website or web page. Even if one gets free bitcoins then they would not be quiet profitable, but if you are really keen and have some spare time then you can earn a few free bitcoins.

free bitcoin

Ways to get free bitcoins online

  • The blockchain game is considered to be one of the easiest and fun ways of getting free bitcoins. This game can be downloaded from the play store and it pays bitcoins once a week. This game is quite addictive and it requires one to get to the highest level; the blockchain game is a skill based game that gets tough with ever level.
  • Another fun of way of getting free bitcoins if by playing Bitcoin popper on android device. There are less advertisements in this game and has paid upgrades, though it is nothing close to blockchain game but it is still a great experience. In order to win one needs to get stars to match with each other, this game is quite hard to play but then for the free bitcoins it is worth the effort.
  • There are a lot of dice website that give bitcoins to players for playing the games; 999 dice is one such dice website. The player is also free to withdraw the money won whenever required.
  • There are websites that give bitcoins free for just visiting the website and looking at it. You can earn bitcoins by just watching videos and click the advertisements that are shown on it in a day. Then there are also sites that give bitcoins for completing some analytical tasks or for answering some questions related to bitcoins.

So, if you are not keen on investing a large amount of money in buying bitcoins then you can easily get them for free by just investing some time.