When you want to register with bitcoin trader but feel like you are not sure if you are making the right decision, especially if you feel you do not have sufficient knowledge or skill to do bitcoin trading, do not worry. You can open a demo account with bitcoin trader making it easy for you to learn and understand everything you need to know about trading with bitcoins and how to go about it using the initial instructions.

What you get when you open a demo account

$1500 virtual money

You do not need to invest your money especially when you are not certain about this working. Bitcoin trader understands why you are hesitant and this is why you are given the opportunity to open a demo account where you will have $1500 of virtual money at your disposal to learn how to trade with.

Experience of how it feels to do a live trade

The demo account is not child’s play. It is a real representation of what trading in bitcoins is. What you see on your screen is what you will see when you are handling a live account. The moves you make on a demo account are the same ones you will make on a live account. The interface of a demo account is the same one on a live account. You are using the same system, only you are trading virtually.

Easily move to live trading

Once you feel you have mastered the art of trading in bitcoins, you can easily move from a demo account to a real account where you will begin making real money. The demo account is a definite win for bitcoin trader because they are able to attract more people who are not sure if they want to do this but take the risk and end up investing because they feel ready to take the bull by the horns and make some money. If it felt great making money on the demo account, imagine how much better it will feel when you do it for real.

The demo account is a great asset you can use to learn how to carry out the trade. The bitcoin trader is giving you a great opportunity to learn how to trade the bitcoin with the use of a demo account which is a great representative of the real account.