A Guide With Tips And Places From Where To Buy Fresh Seafood In Singapore

Are you a seafood lover too? If, yes is your answer then you’d know how gratifying it’s to scoff on a few uber-fresh kinds of seafood. However, courtesy of the outbreak of the pandemic, it’s become harder for people to get themselves some quality produce.

That said, there are several tips that consumers can be benefited from when it comes to buying high-quality seafood items. First, it is essential to purchasing seafood from reliable dealers – basically, those with a record of dependable handling practices – avoid the roadside stands.

When purchasing fish and seafood, you will likely find them frozen or fresh. So it would only make sense to take a look at those tips when buying frozen and fresh seafood That said let’s take a look at the tips-

Buying Tips: Frozen Seafood 

  • Frozen shellfish and fish should well be packed in a moisture-proof and close-fitting package. Do not get frozen seafood when the package is torn, open, or damaged.
  • Pick the packages from under the loading line of a freezer case in the freezer of the store.
  • Avoid package defrosting during transportation. One can go on to transport the seafood in the ice-packed cooler straight from the store to the buyer’s place. 

Buying Tips: Fresh Seafood 

The very first aspect one should consider at the time of purchasing fresh seafood or fish has much to do with the store/seller of the seafood. Check out the attention given to the cleanliness, smell, and appearance of the locals. As a general rule, seafood and fresh fish should be stored at 32° Fahrenheit that can be kept via ice or refrigeration.

Besides that when choosing seafood or fresh fish lookout for the characteristics indicating the freshness of a product, to safely enjoy good nutrition and fine taste.

Now that you have read the buying tips to buy the fresh seafood items you’d now be asking a question that reads where to buy fresh seafood in singapore? In that case, you need not worry, this guide has got you covered.

  • The most popular place- 9s SEAFOOD 

9s seafood has got a wide range of fish to opt from; right from the ultra-fresh thick cut of the Norwegian salmon to rabbitfish, the selection is extremely impressive. Apart from the fish, they even sell seafood namely big king prawns and chunky scallops.

  • For Seafood-APOLLO MARINE

They take pride in their knowledge and expertise of all the things present under the sea. They are also the only vertical fish farm that is land-based in Singapore with a very automated system of aquaculture farming.

There you have it, two of the most popular and notable places from where you can buy fish and seafood items.