Top 3 Food Apps In Australia

Online food ordering becomes a trend in the today’s era, as anyone can easily order food at their doorsteps with simple few clicks on their mobile. According to a report of Cowen and Company, more than 30% of the take away orders are placed on food ordering apps nowadays. This percentage is increasing day by day because of two main reasons, one is it is very convenient and their no misunderstanding in placing the order as on call.

A number of companies are established which are providing paid as well as free home delivery of food 24/7 from your nearby famous restaurants. Mobile apps are also launched which are available for smartphones and tablets. One can easily install the app, select the restaurant or can also find the best restaurant according to the food they want to order. Payment making process is also easy as some apps are providing cash on delivery service and some are accepting online payment transactions also. Moreover, placing an order on phone call sometimes lead to misunderstanding as of which the exact order is not prepared for the customers. Mainly this occurs due to the noise in the surrounding or disturbance in the line.

Another reason why online food ordering is a good option is that they are serving their customers 24/7. One is not supposed to roam around the city to find an opened restaurant in the night. You can easily checkout on mobile app is there any restaurant serving the food in the mid-night.  Not only customers, but online food ordering is also convenient for restaurant owners also. As some apps do not charge a single penny to add their respective restaurant in the app. Moreover, they can easily change the menu and prices through the mobile app, accept or decline the order, easily customize the menu on the menu according to the restaurant’s popular dishes.

Here is the list of top three food ordering apps in the Australia arranged according to the customer reviews and facilities.

Top 3 Food Ordering Apps in Australia

  • Foodora

It was previously known as Suppertime, and it is on the first in the top three food ordering apps in Australia. 24/7 service, customer service support, easy payment process, wide range of restaurants and genuine reviews take Foodora to the first position.

  • Deliveroo

Deliveroo comes on second in the top food ordering apps and websites in Australia. A number of facilities are provided by Deliveroo in its mobile app and website such as real-time tracking of food and 30 minutes delivery promise along with a wide range of top-rated restaurants. Not only this, the customer service support of Deliveroo is also awarded as best, one can easily talk to their customer service representatives at Deliveroo customer service number.

Also, if someone wants to add their restaurant in their app, they can talk to their officials at Deliveroo Australia Phone Number.

  • Menulog

Menulog is an online food delivery service which is much popular in the whole Australia. A wide range of local big restaurants to small corners are integrated within their app. Also, Menulog advices their restaurants to provide discounts and freebies on every order to increase the sales. Free delivery service is provided by them in the whole Australia and its mobile app is available for both Android and iOS operating systems.