Which League of Legend Champions Are The Best For Beginners? Find Out Here

If you are a new League of Legends player, the choices of champions alone are enough for you to feel overwhelmed. Now that LoL has a league of legends mobile version, it is now easy for new players to learn more about the game and practice using different champions no matter where they are. Players can now bring their league of legends android games anywhere they go and play anytime they want as long as they have the league of legends APK downloaded on their mobile devices.

Mobile League of Legends for Beginners

Once you have the knowledge of the LoL mobile champions plus the league of legends android gameplay, you are one step ahead of your fellow LoL competitors. So here are the LoL champions that you should consider:

  • Garen (The Might of Demacia). Garen is a tank and his W gives him a bonus defensive stat. When playing using your league of legends on phone, you will be impressed by his passive ‘Perseverance’ which is why he can generate health faster compared to other champions.
  • Nasus (The Curator of the Sands). If you are done with your league of legends mobile download and you are ready to choose a champion, know that Nasus can be played in different ways. He has a passive ‘Soul Eater’ which means that it can give him life-steel and will allow him to stay longer in the lane while playing on your league of legends iOS.

league of legends mobile

  • Shyvana (The Half-Dragon). This is another champion that is a good choice for beginners when playing on league of legends APK download. Her passive, ‘Fury of the Dragonborn’ allows her to put out more damage to dragons while getting bonus stats from the one that she kills. Her ganks perform the best once she reaches level 6. But even when playing on mobile league of legends, her lower levels, she is still a force to reckon with because of her speed boost on her W.
  • Volibear (The Thunder’s Roar). He may not be as fast as Shyvana, but he is very good when it comes to surviving in the jungle. When playing your android league of legends, you will notice that Volibear’s passive, ‘Chosen of the Storm’ will let him increase her health if he falls down the threshold.
  • Annie (The Dark Child). When playing with your league of legends download on your phone, you will instantly notice how efficient this champion is as a ‘mid-lane.’ She can control the crowd easily with her high burst of magic which pays off for her minimal mobility.

Now that you know which league of legends for android champions are perfect for beginners, choosing the right one will not be difficult for you anymore. The game can be a bit complicated at first but once you get a hang of it, you will be confident enough to try new and different champions. Download your LoL android today and start practicing your League of Legend skills.