Fighting Climate Change: What You Can Do to Make a Difference

Did you know that our planet is already experiencing the effects of climate change?

Many experts believe climate change is already happening. Spurred on by human emissions, the earth is warming, causing temperature patterns to shift. If this continues, life will become more difficult. Some places will grow too warm, or the sea will rise too much to support human life.

Natural disasters may also occur, and people could find it harder to access water or produce food.

As such, fighting climate change is important. But how do you live in an eco friendly manner? Below, we’ll go into what ordinary people can do to make a difference. Keep reading to learn more!

Take Public Transport

If you live in a city and have access to a public transportation system, use it.

Cars emit around 24 pounds of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases for every gallon of fuel spent. That means a car with a 12-gallon tank will release 288 pounds of substances that contribute to global warming by the time it runs on empty.

You can begin fighting climate change by opting to take public transportation. Buses and subways allow for many people to ride at the same time, reducing the number of cars on the road.

Don’t like the idea of sitting on a crowded bus or train? Consider taking up cycling to and from your daily activities. Pedaling to your destination gives you exercise and doesn’t contribute to any emissions.

Don’t Fly

Fighting Climate Change

Have you been wanting to take a flight for a business trip or an exciting vacation?

Before you do so, see if there are any other options. Planes release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, trapping sunlight and heating up the earth. Instead of flying, consider taking a bus or train.

But what if your destination is across the ocean or you need to cover a long distance last-minute? If you have no other options, you can offset your carbon footprint. This means calculating your carbon footprint and then funding an organization to eliminate that amount of carbon.

Are you a meat-lover?

If so, you might want to think about investing in some meat substitutes. Sheep, cows, and other livestock release methane as they digest food, as does their manure. Meat consumption also contributes to the deforestation of the Amazon and other areas of South America. Deforestation allows more carbon dioxide to permeate the atmosphere.

You don’t need to cut meat out of your diet completely. The World Health Organization and the Food and Agriculture Organizations of the United Nations say you can eat a little red meat.

Want to use renewable energy in your home? Take a look at this article from Blue Raven to learn more about solar panels.

Are you ready to start fighting climate change?

Climate change is already happening, but we can still do our part to fight it. By taking the steps above, you’ll reduce your emissions and help prevent the effects of climate change.

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