The cost consideration in relation to liver transplant in India

Just below the rib cage you will find that the liver is located. It breaks down toxic substances and goes on to perform a variety of functions at the same time. The prime function of the liver is formation of chemical components that really help your blood to clot. They are also responsible for the production of a juice known as bile which accumulates if the liver does not function in a normal manner.

In the case of a liver transplantation a damaged liver is being replaced with a healthy one. It is a demanding and a time consuming procedure. You are expected to perform it when it happens to be the stage end liver disease or if you are suffering from acute liver failure. But having said so if you are suffering fromchronic or acute liver failure you are a prime candidate for the surgery. The whole process in order to figure out whether you are a candidate for a liver transplant surgery needs to be taken at a serious level. It is only the physical side of things, but you need to have an idea about the emotional process as well. Coupled with the fact that it should suit your budget at the same time. A couple of considerations work out to be most important as far as a liver transplant is concerned.

  • Whether you will derive any benefit from the procedure
  • The surgery is going to do a lot of good rather than harm

Certain conditions are there which make a person not to opt for a liver transplant surgery. The reason being that it could tamper with the successful results of the surgery. For example if the cancer has spread to other parts of the body then it would not be suggested at all.

With regards to the donor there are a couple of donor types. It could be taken from the deceased liver of someone who has died .it has been observed that a majority of donors are of this type. This tends to work efficiently in case of adults. Then there is a living donor when they are a close relative or family friend. Here they need to match with the blood type of the patient.

If you are planning for liver transplant in India, you need to be aware on how the surgery is undertaken.

  • The duration of the operation takes somewhere in the region of 5 to 6 hours. But the operation may take a longer period of time based on the experience and difficulty in conducting the operation
  • In order to perform the surgery you need to administer general anaesthesia
  • As the surgery is about to take place, you place a tube into the mouth of the patient and this in the windpipe that does help the patient to breathe in a proper manner
  • Then an incision in the form of Y shape is incorporated and here the deceased liver is being removed. Once the surgery is over incision is closed.