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What is Actemra and how does it work?

Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) is a chronic disease affecting people from all age groups causing pain and inflammation in the joints. In the year 2010, the drug manufacturer Genentech marketed a new drug Actemra for the treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis among adults and children. They claimed that the drug is safe to use and has limited side-effects as compared with the other drugs in the category like Humira, Enbrel or Remicade. The drug was approved by the US FDA and since then it has been prescribed to over 7, 60,000 American patients. The drugmaker made huge revenues with this ‘unique’ breakthrough solution treating Rheumatoid Arthritis. But, in recent years, the use of Actemra has caused more than 1,128 deaths due to the life-threatening side-effects from the drug. So, the victims have started filing meds lawsuit against the drugmaker as they misled the doctors and patients without warning them against the fatal side-effects Actemra might bring.

The deadly side-effects from Actemra

The side-effects may include heart attacks, cardiovascular diseases, a stroke, pancreatic failure or a lung disease. But, the manufacturer never mentioned the possible adverse reactions as a warning.  They marketed the product as a breakthrough medication to get rid of RA permanently. But, with growing cases of serious ailments and deaths after using the drug has compelled the regulatory bodies to examine the exact situation. The researchers have found that the risk of having adverse effects with Actemra was quite higher than its other three competitors.  So, more and more people are filing meds lawsuit against Genentech for fraudulent marketing and misleading thousands of patients across the US. The best attorneys and law firms have been appointed by the victims to claim a compensation for their losses. The matter is quite serious but is extremely new, so no Multi District Litigation (MDL) has been centralized yet. As more and more victims file lawsuits the Judicial Panel on MDL might proceed to consolidate multiple litigations in one court to speed up the process. If proven guilty, Genentech is bound to provide maximum compensation to each and every victim and their families depending upon the extent of losses.

Consult the best attorneys to file a lawsuit

If you or anyone else in your family has faced the situation and have faced adverse reactions by using Actemra, then consult the best law firms in your locality to file a case. The expert lawyers will represent your case in the court and ask for the maximum amount to compensate your losses. If you are a victim but had no knowledge about the current lawsuits filed against Genentech then take an action right now. You can also ask for a consultation from the attorneys at practice for any legal advice regarding any adverse medical reactions. They are just a phone call away and you can fix an appointment with the best lawyers. The charges are also nominal and the lawyers are well-experienced in handling similar cases and winning them with aplomb. So, don’t hesitate or sit back after facing negative reactions from a particular drug and consult the top attorneys in your area.