Collars for dogs

We all know a dog collar is a piece of material that is put around the neck of a dog; this is mainly done to control, identify the dog and also as a fashion accessory. Mainly the collars are helpful in manually keeping the dog in control as it provides a proper grabbing. There are a variety of collars used by people to control their dogs; out of which most of the collars that are used serve as a fashion accessory. The owners use collars as a fashion accessory to make their dog stand out and make them look the best amongst the lot.

 One such type of collar that is used is a tartan dog collar. A tartan dog collar is mainly used by a fashionable pet; there are different types of tartan dog collars available in the markets that come in various types and colours. Some tartan collars come in stripes and check while some are of a specific colour. So according to the need one can buy a tartan collar for their dog but it mostly does the work of an accessory. Except for the tartan dog collar there are other dog collars also that the dog owners can think of buying if they are not just looking for a fashion accessory.

tartan dog collar

Types of collars

  • Buckle collars- The buckle collar is similar to a belt buckle and it is like a quick release buckle which helps holding the collar loosely around the dog’s neck. It also has a loop to which a leash can be attached; this is known to be the most standard and common collar for a dog. One should just keep in mind that it should not be tight around the neck else the dog would start choking.
  • Break away collars- They look similar to the buckle collars but they have the feature where a dog can break free of excessive force is applied. These collars are useful in case a person doesn’t want to completely control the dog.
  • Safety stretch collars- This contains an elastic panel which prevents escape and protects from branches, fences, gates and other dogs. A stretch collar is a traditional collar when it is clipped with a leash.

There are some special purpose collars and attachments like the tartan dog collar

Stud collars- These are also known as wolf collars, protection collars or spiked collars as they are fitted with metal studs or sharp points that prevent another dog from biting the dog’s neck. These are ancient and traditional stud collars; in the modern times that are mainly considered to be a fashion accessory.

  • Reflective collars- They have nylon webbing so that the dog is visible at night by the approaching vehicles.
  • Lighted collar- Such collars emits light in order to make a dog more visible in the dark to their owners and most importantly to the nearby car drivers.

So one should be sure about the purpose and then buy a dog collar.