All about Wearing the Jockstrap

The jockstraps is composed of a support pouch for the male organ and an elastic waistband. They were originally developed for bicyclists almost 150 years ago. Today they are used primarily for support and comfort when engaging in contact sports. It often comes with a cup for more protection. The fashion jockstraps have increasingly replaced the everyday underwear.

Jockstraps are required for sports that require running such as track and field and basketball. It is also recommended for sports that include fast-moving balls.

When you wear a jockstrap, make sure that it fits you snugly. You have to check on the waist size and the cup size to ensure your ultimate protection and comfort. It has to be light and fit snugly to protect the male organ and to enable the testicles to be close to the body, safely tucked during movement. It must not be too tight to prevent jock itch.

You have to decide if you will wear a cup or not. A cup is often made of hard plastic or metal that fits within a pouch found in the jockstrap. Most testicular injuries take place during sports. Testicular rupture and testicular torsion may lead to the loss of testicles.

A lot of cups are specific for certain sports. That’s why you choose with caution. Find out if there’s one for the particular sport you do. Don’t forget to consider the degree of protection and comfort the cup may provide.

The cup has to be secured tightly to the body. It must not room for twisting or rolling. Look for cups that have cushioned edges. With a hard edge, the force of the blow will be on the pelvic area while the soft edges will provide better cushioning in every impact. For sports that are ultrafast such as lacrosse or football, it’s better to go for a titanium cup.

You might want to wear compression shorts over the jockstrap if it appears to be too loose and if the cup does not hold against the body. Compression shorts also provide the same protection and support as the jockstrap.

Men could also wear the fashion jockstrap instead of their daily underwear. Many prefer to use it today due to its level of comfort and appeal. Jockstraps are sized by the waist. You have to make sure that your genitals are comfortable while wearing it.

There are various styles for jockstraps. Some of them have thicker ones while others have multiple straps. There are also those that have material to help shape the butt. Some of the materials used for jockstraps are mesh, nylon, cotton, silk, and even fur.

Even the cups for jockstraps have various styles such as snug, contour, natural, and those that are for aesthetic enhancement.